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September 12, 2009

Good Morning Weekend!

Well it's Saturday. I don't know why I'm up this early... My eyes are still not working right and let’s just say I'm very happy that blogger has spell check, because my fingers are all over this keyboard.

Yesterday I took a half day from work so Jake and I could go pick out wedding bands. We went to a little place that is only open during the day. Evidently FSIL's husband's family has been going to this guy for years. So we went to check it out and both found our rings! Jake got a tungsten band (not a surprise.) and I went in thinking I was going to get a flat, plain, white gold band.... Noooo. Now listen I have been looking. I have been trying on bands for a while. But due to the little peek-a-boo stones Jake custom set into my ring I didn't want anything that sat too high and covered them. So I was being picky. But this jeweler had the plain white bands in a catalogue. I just couldn't picture it. And not seeing the ring with my engagement ring before I bought it made me very nervous. So we looked at bands with diamonds in it. (I know I know) But I found one that I loved!

It is a Valina band. It sits low and is a channel setting. It's very thin and doesn't take away from my e-ring at all. I'm very excited. I think the carat total was .25, which doesn't really matter to me, but you'll get the idea of how skinny it is. (Plus my fingers are tiny... I mean t-i-n-y. Jake got a size 7 just in case my fingers were too fat.... and we had to get it re sized to a 4.5.... And it's still a little big.) So the ring looks dainty and feminine in my finger. Which is nice.

Yesterday we also viewed a townhouse in Upper Arlington. It was not nice. The realtor was 30 mins late to our appointment and the girl wasn't even moved out yet. So we nixed it because the kitchen wasn't big enough to open the fridge all the way...

So this is our dilemma. We are looking for a townhouse or garden apartment in central Ohio. Our price range is as low as possible without getting a dump to about $680-700. We went around and started going to commercial apartment complexes and liked Govoner's Square and really liked the options there. I'll post pictures of the town home they had later.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. We want to be kind of close to campus and we need 2 bedrooms and cat friendly. Other than that we're pretty open to looking.

We are thinking about going out again today to see if anywhere has anything available. Wish us luck!

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sam said...

hi.. here is cleonn...i love my tungsten ring most... i have black tungsten ring and it doesn't have a single scratch...it keep your wedding memories for a long time...so..opt it as your wedding ring...