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September 14, 2009

Checklists and Apartments

Well this weekend was productive... and not at the same time.

You know how you approach a day and expect certain things to happen? Well I had my sights set on this weekend. I had soo much I knew we could get done and I was excited that I could check them off my list. But low and behold... I hate it when you have big events on your list and little ones... and it's always the little ones that get pushed to the back of your mind.
This weekend my checklist looked as followed:

- Turn in passport app.
- Apartment search
- Address some invitations
- Check out clubhouse for shower and rehearsal dinner
- Help at FSIL's Mary Kay party
- Watch game
- Buy blue and green ribbon
- Buy wooden 'E' and 'J'
- Get Jake to Men's Warehouse

Now that I look at it I got a lot of that done... But the number 1. The most important. The one thing that has an uncontrollable deadline was the passport stuff... and that didn't get done. Not because we couldn't... but because we listened to other people who said that the post office only did passport stuff on certain days.... I was so upset that that didn't get crossed off my list. It's a good thing I'm making Jake pick me up today during my lunch hour so we can make sure we go to the post office and do that today.

But we did get a lot done. We got about 30-35 invited addressed and assembled. Now I just have to get stamps for the outer envelope. (I had 2 pages of stamps that I used for the reply cards. Thank you mom!)

The townhouse we walked through on Friday was a bust. Not only did the realtor showing us the place arrive 30 mins late with 2 phone calls telling me she was on her way... She also told us $700 was a deal is we did our own lawn work. WHAT? We’re renting from you. It's not our yard. The other thing that really got me was that when I asked about the long driveway and snow plowing she told me 'We've never really had that problem here and we don’t really get bad snows. I mean we'll help out when we can but we don’t plow the 1/4 mile driveway (I exaggerate on the length... but it's not a standard driveway length.... possibly about 4 times as long.)' Does she think I'm dumb? I mean I mentioned to her that we live in town. Needless to say we're not going with the townhouse. Mainly based on the fact that you cant open the fridge all the way due to the closed oven being on the other side of the room and in the way. Yeah it was literally that small.

This week I hope to get more invites addressed and the ones that are 99% done out in the mail. (Can anyone tell me how to put the invitation counter on your knot siggy?)

My check list for this week:
- Turn in passport information
- Pick cruise and pay.
- Tell Jake's dad about cruise so we can get his frequent flier miles
- Go apartment shopping and turn in rental deposit.
- Meet with priest Monday evening
- Voice lesson Tuesday after work
- Make Jake ask his remaining groomsmen to be groomsmen... (His twin, my brother and a friend. how does that work?)
- Buy last groomsman gift (we had to sub someone because one couldn't do it after we already bought the gift and had it engraved.... it's a good thing they're both family. Yay Christmas)
- Get Jake to ask old neighbor to be our second reader for our ceremony. (They’ve known each other since Jake was 4... and he is good friends with her oldest kid. why can’t he just call her up and ask? I don't know)
- Buy blue and green ribbon
- Buy wooden 'E' and 'J'
- Reserve hotel block
- Address invitations and send
- Go to cake tasting, sign contract and give deposit if she's awesome
- Get remaining guys to Men's Warehouse

It's a lot..... But all crucial for this week. Wish me luck with all that.... and wish us luck with the apartment stuff.

But good news. The other fiance and twin got back from their honeymoon and had an awesome time. Yay! Hopefully things can get back to normal now. Oh and I've decided that her new name will be The Other Bride... or TOB for short. It's similar enough, it makes sense.... it doesn't make Jake sound like a polygamist. Yay! lol.

OK. Happy Monday everyone!


ihatemichigan said...

what a busy weekend. I hate how you have a to do list and for every thing you scratch off, two more things get added on. Godd Luck completing your list

Sarah said...

do you already have a wedding registry? if not that should be on your list! check out www.aftertheweddingday.com for a free wedding registry that lets you register for EXPERIENCES instead of for things. My friend Joy just used it for her June wedding and got tons of gifts for her honeymoon, spanish lessons for her and her husband, and a skydiving trip!