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September 25, 2009

Catching You Up

Well how about some updates on real life?

Classes started on Wednesday. The craziness of running all over campus started once again. With this being the beginning of my second year at OSU (with 3 years at CSCC... a waste of my time and money considering only 2/3's of my credits transferred.) I thought I would feel more confident in finding new buildings and not using the map... Not true. I still feel like it's my first quarter here.

My classes consist of:
  • Kinesiology lecture and lab. The packet and lab manual were only $16 total. SCORE!!! But I still hate my life that I have to take this class. I'm allergic to studying so this will be interesting.
  • Hip Hop - I LOVE my life! This class will be the de-stresser for the whole quarter. I mean whats better than sweating to music i know the tune and beat to and not all the words. i mean if you listen to me when I try to rap/sing along.... it's a mess. But I get to do a 5 min. presentation on hip hop musicians from the 90's! SCORE!!! (plus no book needed... awesome!)
  • Lifespan Motor Development - This class is a tuffy. I don't really know what to expect. all that I do know is that I will be working with preschoolers, there is a presentation the Tuesday after the wedding. and the final is the Thursday after the wedding..... sucks. But hopefully it will be easier than I think. hopefully. I mean playing with and observing preschoolers... That's my nephew's age group. I get to choose just 1 and do my presentation on them. It should be a good birth control. There's 1 book that is needed. It's around $150.... not too horrible.
  • Problems in Intramural Sport - I have no idea why I signed up for this class.... Oh wait. It's required. Wait why did I choose that class? Oh wait it was the only other class that fit in my schedule. OK OK I gotcha now. No book needed because it's a seminar style course... What the hell does that mean? K thanks BYE!... No I will be going to class. I'm a good kid like that. I'm very nervous that I'll not be good at staying awake... I mean I've mentioned my sweet sleeping skills.....
That's my life... Plus work before, in between, and after class. Joy.

In other news... The Other Bride and Twin got a puppy yesterday. This picture is from when she was 4 weeks old.

..Yep. Her name is Diesel. She's a Siberian Husky. They say they got her from a breeder. But the only paid $300 for this adorable fluff-ball. Now that's low for an ACK bred dog.

Now listen, I love puppies. I adore them. I want one.... They have a dog. Well, The Other Bride has a dog. His name is Prince Leo.

Leo is the epitome of the dominant chihuahua... Think Cesar Milan here... He has food aggression. He doesn't like other dogs. Example: when he is over at the FMIL's house when FSIL's 2 shih-tsu's are over he refuses to leave his bag. My only question is.... what will you do? Start leaving Leo at home instead of taking him everywhere you go?.... Or start hauling Diesel everywhere?

Townhouse update: We are slackers and are turning in our application tonight.
Other stuff:

My sister who's over at The Story of Us, is hosting an open house for Mary Kay and another independent sales person who sells Gold Canyon Candles and Home Fragrances... I'm excited. We already have 15 people who RSVP'd! wish me luck!

Also, Shower invites went out! So far we've only gotten 2 people to decline.... we sent out 70 something invites..... the space will probably hold about 45.... this could get interesting.

Last night was week 2 of this new bible study I'm in. It's a Beth Moore study on Ester titled 'It's Hard Being a Woman'. I feel ya sister!!!! Last week the segment was based on 'it's hard being in another woman's shadow' I have decided that since the bible study is 1 night a week I'm going to turn it into a blog topic once a week. So keep an eye out. It's going to conI'll mention scripture.... Maybe I wosist of the weekly topic and my personal views on it. Maybe nt. It'll all depend. So to catch up tomorrow I'm going to try the first topic, then Monday or Tuesday I'll go into the second one... It's a good one, so don't miss out and don't forget to comment.

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