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September 21, 2009

67 Days!

So we're at 67 days today!

Yesterday we went to see our last apartment/town home. We're choosing that one. I didn't take pictures, but we were more stoked about the size than anything else. The living room is HUGE. big enough to fit our giant green 'L' couch and still feel like there is walking/living room. The kitchen has room for a small table. The 2 bedrooms are big and spacious. We're calling the landlord back today and telling her we're good to go and get our background checks and all that jazz. The complex is fairly close to my parents house which makes me feel better than I thought with the possibility that Jake might be deploying in April.

Speaking of that army thing he's in.... After Jake's little trip in a helicopter with his old baseball coach general (and another barley multiple star general... yeah we were all impressed) he was very excited about the experience... But his decision is weighing on him. I have told him that I support him in whatever decision he chooses.... I also Trust him to make the best decision for our family. He knows more about the army than I ever want to... So I'm OK with that decision being his. It's still his life and dreams, mine aren't less important, just less pressing. I mean really... A doctor vs. a performing arts studio owner. My dreams require his income and I'm OK with that.

We're getting closer to choosing our honeymoon plans. We spent quite some time on it yesterday. We're thinking a NCL Western Caribbean cruise with stops at Miami; Roatan; Belize City; Costa Maya; Great Stirrup Cay!
How exciting!? I can't wait. It's not going to be blazing hot in December... But it wont be Ohio either.

So yeah. Today's to-do's:
- Call townhouse landlady
- pack a little of my shitock to take when we get the go-ahead
- address some invites
- finish the wedding website for guests

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ALin said...

I can completely feel you on the whole Army thing. We're in the process of deciding which OCS option J is going to choose (2 months, 3 months or 5 months, eek!). Hang in there, lady! Everything happens for a reason!