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September 30, 2009



1. Movement, as toward a goal; advance.
2. Development or growth: students who show progress.
3. Steady improvement, as of a society or civilization: a believer in human progress. See Synonyms at development.
4. A ceremonial journey made by a sovereign through his or her realm.
intr.v. pro·gress (pr-grs) pro·gressed, pro·gress·ing, pro·gress·es
1. To advance; proceed: Work on the new building progressed at a rapid rate.
2. To advance toward a higher or better stage; improve steadily: as medical technology progresses.
3. To increase in scope or severity, as a disease taking an unfavorable course.

Today was phase 2 of invites going out. This makes phase 3 only involving 4 invites. That's right, I only have 4 invites left to be addressed and put in the mail! I'd like to thank the Academy, and all the little people, like my cat Ezekiel, who put up with all the late night facebook messaging to people telling them to send me their freaking addresses!....

I also wrote my first thank you card for a shower present! OMG I KNOW! Me. little ol' me. who cant seem to do anything on time.

My next step...... ribbon. I'm going to need many many roles of ribbon. I'm going to be making ribbon loop pomanders. I got the idea from Vintage Glam Weddings Blog... I think it's amazing. They're going to be for the flower girls! I'm so excited. (Navy and white)

I'm also putting our engagement pictures in a frame with ribbon clothespin lines. I'm stealing the idea from Mrs. G whose wedding I help set up back in early September. Who knows how many rolls of ribbon I'll need for that. (Navy/royal blue, green, black and white)

Then there is the ribbon I'll be needing for the backs of the chairs... I'm not totally sold on this idea yet due to the amount or $$ and work that'll go into that.... But it's so dang cute! (navy with green stripes)

So wish me luck. I've got quite a bit on my plate. hopefully I can find the measurements of those chair backs somewhere.

September 29, 2009

Today's 'Yay' Things

So to start things off I'd like to thank Kineasiology for being taught in a totally different language! It's way awesome to feel stupider than ever when going over something that you keep saying is the simple part and feeling like I'm drowning! AWESOME!

INVITES ARE GOING OUT WITH TODAY'S MAIL!!!!!! Finally! can I get some 'congrats you lazy bums your only a week and a half late on the ball here genius' in the house?!

Jake and I watched 'Lie to Me' last night.... It was pretty damn good. I may continue to watch it.

I am in love with my DVR. I just wanted to profess that love to the world. K Thanks! BYEEE!

I got an award!!! Wahoo!!!

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
Thanks Pretty Lady! I love blog stalking you!
2. Copy logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link the person who nominated you for the award.
If I Could Only Find The Words ROCKS!!!
4. Name seven things about yourself that people don't know.
1. I can cross my pinkie toe on my right foot.... but not my left, with out touching it.
2. I sing everywhere BUT in the shower
3. I carry the same 1 liter Fiji bottle everyday.... I just refill it everyday. So people may think I'm rolling in the dough and buying freaking expensive bottled water.... but I don't. Muahaha
4. I would rather stay home than go out any day...
5. I over-use office dusters... those air cans that you spray air at your keyboard... yeah. and I almost don't care that I'm killing the ozone to do it.
6. I've had instant ramen everyday work day for the past week..... and I still love it.
7. I'd rather eat PB&J on a hamburger bun than conventional bread.
5. Nominate 7 Kreative bloggers and link them
Katie @ Loves of Life

September 28, 2009

ITBAW in Another Woman's Shadow

Well, like I told you. I'm in a bible study that is all about 'It's tough being a woman'. The First topic in the study is titled 'it's tough being a woman in another woman's shadow'.

Anyone know what that's all about? It's a tough statement, but I honestly cant think of a single woman who could say it's never applied to them. Maybe wonder woman.... But seriously. How many of us aspire to be as good, as pretty, as pulled together, as organized, as diligent...... the list could go on and on.

My personal struggle with a shadow hits close to home and you've seen the effects of it if you've read some of my posts. It's hard when you catch yourself comparing your entire being to another. I do it with more than one person. So don't get me wrong. I'm just the most comfortable talking about TOB. From the beginning I put my life and personality against hers. I don't have the same kind of self confidence she does. She also has more money at her disposal that I do. So I constantly see her in new clothes, new shoes, carrying a new bag, getting a new puppy. (OK OK so the new puppy thing isn't just her.... but I want a puppy too damn it!!! gimme a second to self pity..... OK done now) And not that I care about that stuff (except the total unfairness of the puppy.... damn 'no pet' policy and possiable deployment) But it makes me feel shabby. I mean, I'm a shopper... Really. I could go and blow my whole paycheck on whatever in the blink of an eye.... And I have to consciously hold myself back and totally avoid money spending situations. So other shoppers will understand how I drool over TOB's new Jessica Simpson heels, Ugg boots or Coach bag.... I pine away with online window shopping. It's my only salvation.

Another 'shadow' has mainly to do with wedding planning. It's the measuring my ideas against the 5 weddings that have happened with in the past 3 years. My wedding has to be unique and different from all of them while using same elements they did... It's hard.

My final 'shadow', and one that isn't that big of a deal, that I have is a natural one for little sisters. The Big Sister. That's right. Birth position envy. This one you probably don't need explained. The whole 'she did it first', ' I wish I was old enough', 'I wish I was at that point in my life', 'I wish I was graduated too' thing. But the flip side of that is she did it first... So I can learn from her..... actions. (lol. like that Big Sis?)

Anyone know what I'm sayin' here? If you do.... Dig deep and blog about 'shadows' you feel like you walk in. I think in sharing our stories we'll see our own strength and take pride in ourselves.

September 25, 2009

Catching You Up

Well how about some updates on real life?

Classes started on Wednesday. The craziness of running all over campus started once again. With this being the beginning of my second year at OSU (with 3 years at CSCC... a waste of my time and money considering only 2/3's of my credits transferred.) I thought I would feel more confident in finding new buildings and not using the map... Not true. I still feel like it's my first quarter here.

My classes consist of:
  • Kinesiology lecture and lab. The packet and lab manual were only $16 total. SCORE!!! But I still hate my life that I have to take this class. I'm allergic to studying so this will be interesting.
  • Hip Hop - I LOVE my life! This class will be the de-stresser for the whole quarter. I mean whats better than sweating to music i know the tune and beat to and not all the words. i mean if you listen to me when I try to rap/sing along.... it's a mess. But I get to do a 5 min. presentation on hip hop musicians from the 90's! SCORE!!! (plus no book needed... awesome!)
  • Lifespan Motor Development - This class is a tuffy. I don't really know what to expect. all that I do know is that I will be working with preschoolers, there is a presentation the Tuesday after the wedding. and the final is the Thursday after the wedding..... sucks. But hopefully it will be easier than I think. hopefully. I mean playing with and observing preschoolers... That's my nephew's age group. I get to choose just 1 and do my presentation on them. It should be a good birth control. There's 1 book that is needed. It's around $150.... not too horrible.
  • Problems in Intramural Sport - I have no idea why I signed up for this class.... Oh wait. It's required. Wait why did I choose that class? Oh wait it was the only other class that fit in my schedule. OK OK I gotcha now. No book needed because it's a seminar style course... What the hell does that mean? K thanks BYE!... No I will be going to class. I'm a good kid like that. I'm very nervous that I'll not be good at staying awake... I mean I've mentioned my sweet sleeping skills.....
That's my life... Plus work before, in between, and after class. Joy.

In other news... The Other Bride and Twin got a puppy yesterday. This picture is from when she was 4 weeks old.

..Yep. Her name is Diesel. She's a Siberian Husky. They say they got her from a breeder. But the only paid $300 for this adorable fluff-ball. Now that's low for an ACK bred dog.

Now listen, I love puppies. I adore them. I want one.... They have a dog. Well, The Other Bride has a dog. His name is Prince Leo.

Leo is the epitome of the dominant chihuahua... Think Cesar Milan here... He has food aggression. He doesn't like other dogs. Example: when he is over at the FMIL's house when FSIL's 2 shih-tsu's are over he refuses to leave his bag. My only question is.... what will you do? Start leaving Leo at home instead of taking him everywhere you go?.... Or start hauling Diesel everywhere?

Townhouse update: We are slackers and are turning in our application tonight.
Other stuff:

My sister who's over at The Story of Us, is hosting an open house for Mary Kay and another independent sales person who sells Gold Canyon Candles and Home Fragrances... I'm excited. We already have 15 people who RSVP'd! wish me luck!

Also, Shower invites went out! So far we've only gotten 2 people to decline.... we sent out 70 something invites..... the space will probably hold about 45.... this could get interesting.

Last night was week 2 of this new bible study I'm in. It's a Beth Moore study on Ester titled 'It's Hard Being a Woman'. I feel ya sister!!!! Last week the segment was based on 'it's hard being in another woman's shadow' I have decided that since the bible study is 1 night a week I'm going to turn it into a blog topic once a week. So keep an eye out. It's going to conI'll mention scripture.... Maybe I wosist of the weekly topic and my personal views on it. Maybe nt. It'll all depend. So to catch up tomorrow I'm going to try the first topic, then Monday or Tuesday I'll go into the second one... It's a good one, so don't miss out and don't forget to comment.

September 24, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

Today I'm thankful for:

  • Helpful Families - It's invitation addressing time and I'm in a crunch to get all the invites out by Friday. 48 out of 110 addressed... Now I just need to buy 4 books of stamps for the reply card envelopes and 6 books for the outside envelopes.

  • Address Books - I need one. My mom's has been super helpful.

  • Future Landlady - She is basically giving us 10 days free rent if Jake moves in after Oct. 20th. So we only pay the background check fee and Security deposit... No actual rent due until the beginning of November!

  • Classes - It's a love/hate thing here. I'm excited about having something else to do other than go home and go to work. Classes breaks up that tedious cycle. But then again I can't fail any classes or else my life will become forever embedded in college. I'll never graduate. I'll always hate that subject. My semi clean track record will be spoiled once again (damn math class at C. State. I loathe you. Yay! No more math ever!!!)

  • Mailed Shower Gifts - It has started.

  • The Knot - It keeps me sane with the checklist, budget helper, and guest list manager. All = God Send!!!

  • Old Notebooks - Save me from buying new ones until I have to.

  • Ramen - The instant lunches are going to save my life and checklist... It really helps that I could eat ramen every day for the rest of my life. something about the zig-zag noodles and flavor packets gets me every time!

September 23, 2009

Why Can't I Think of One Topic and Stick to it?

Yeah I've probably opened the 'New Post' like about 4-5 times only to delete it 2 mins later.... Genius.
Cure for dead imagination = ONLINE WINDOW SHOPPING!!!!

For those of you who know nothing of ModCloth... Please go to their website and become obsessed. K Thanks BYEEE!

September 22, 2009

What are your quirks?

So I don't know why I keep thinking that To-Do lists are helpful for me... I never follow them. Maybe I just like making the neat lists. With all the pretty lines and rewriting the thing a million times until it looks as good as possible. It soothes my geometrical soul.

So does sorting candy. Skittles, M&M's, Mentos, Runts.... All of which I divide by color.

I mean really this extends further. I mean think about it. I eat my lucky charms cereal first, marshmallow last. I sort my shower products. Conditioner and shampoo alternating pairs. conditioner 1, conditioner 2, shampoo 1, shampoo 2. laundry = blacks, jeans, blues/greens, white, reds/purples, browns/yellows..... I'm in OCD denial.

What are your little quirks?

September 21, 2009

67 Days!

So we're at 67 days today!

Yesterday we went to see our last apartment/town home. We're choosing that one. I didn't take pictures, but we were more stoked about the size than anything else. The living room is HUGE. big enough to fit our giant green 'L' couch and still feel like there is walking/living room. The kitchen has room for a small table. The 2 bedrooms are big and spacious. We're calling the landlord back today and telling her we're good to go and get our background checks and all that jazz. The complex is fairly close to my parents house which makes me feel better than I thought with the possibility that Jake might be deploying in April.

Speaking of that army thing he's in.... After Jake's little trip in a helicopter with his old baseball coach general (and another barley multiple star general... yeah we were all impressed) he was very excited about the experience... But his decision is weighing on him. I have told him that I support him in whatever decision he chooses.... I also Trust him to make the best decision for our family. He knows more about the army than I ever want to... So I'm OK with that decision being his. It's still his life and dreams, mine aren't less important, just less pressing. I mean really... A doctor vs. a performing arts studio owner. My dreams require his income and I'm OK with that.

We're getting closer to choosing our honeymoon plans. We spent quite some time on it yesterday. We're thinking a NCL Western Caribbean cruise with stops at Miami; Roatan; Belize City; Costa Maya; Great Stirrup Cay!
How exciting!? I can't wait. It's not going to be blazing hot in December... But it wont be Ohio either.

So yeah. Today's to-do's:
- Call townhouse landlady
- pack a little of my shitock to take when we get the go-ahead
- address some invites
- finish the wedding website for guests

September 18, 2009

To habitate or not to habitate

That's right. We're Checking out another complex on Sunday. This one is by far the best for the price. It's HUGE. But the only thing...

They have a "strict" no pet policy.

YET there are pets all over the place. One woman who lives near Jake's cousin walks her dog every morning and says her "son dropped it off for her to babysit."

We have a cat.
He's quiet and likes to slip out the front door. I'm expecting that once he moves in he'll not be OK with going outside due to the strange surroundings.

My dilemma has to do with the pet policy at the complex. The owner doesn't check on the place and has another woman who lives there pick up rent checks..... you see? What should we do? should we risk it and just sneak Zeke in? Should we ask the owner on Sunday if we can have him since he's a mature cat who knows how to use the litter box? Should we just go with the other complex that allows pets with $100 more in rent, a $200 pet fee and $25 dollars a month for the pet's rent? Should we leave our little love at my parent's?

My conscious says: 'Follow the rules Erin'.

My mind says: 'dude that's a lot of money we'd save'.

My fiance says 'lets just not mention it and see how it goes. It'll probably be fine. I'm not worried about it.'

September 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday

It's Thankful Thursday!

Things I'm thankful for:
  • My Fiance - Passing the radiology tech registry. Going cake tasting with me. playing Mario Kart with me even though I know he wanted to play Wii golf or battle tanks. driving me almost everywhere. Paying for stuff so I can pay huge amounts to my credit card (they're the devil).... There is more. but I think that's good for today.
  • Signing the last vendor - Last night I contracted Anita Kline to do our cake... And she was the last vendor we needed. All the rest is up to me.
  • Unemployed FSIL - She knocked out all the shower invites because she was 'bored out of her mind'... I'm going to see if she's in that state again when it comes to class projects... maybe she'll just knock those out too.... Wishful thinking.
  • Sisters who understand - She's like an extension of my brain...
  • Helpful family - Jake's cousin and his girlfriend are helping us get into a really nice town house area.... We're doing a walk through on Sunday. Hopefully we'll put in our deposit then and get a move in date.
  • Project Runway - Enough said.
  • So You Think You Can Dance - Enough said.
A big thankful topic:
The General - Jake's former baseball coach is a multiple star general... Jake is able to call him whenever. When they signed up there was only 1 spot as radiology tech... The general made another spot so both of the boys would have one of the safest and most practical spots for their future medical career... The general was there to swear them in. He was a big help when Jake couldn't get home for his sister's wedding. Needless to say he got home in time. Whenever with of the twins needed to talk facts about a decision, the general has been there... He's an awesome guy who understands the trials of the national guard and deployment.... Jake is going to talk to him today about his options. I trust him to be straight up and not push Jake in any one direction... But to help him know whats true (which is so hard in the army) and whats not. From this conversation Jake will make the decision that will form the rest of our lives. he's been trying to decide about if he's going to stay in the army or not... As of right now he'll hit his 6 year mark in 3 years. That's when his current contract is up. If he signs into the ROTC program then he's in for another 6, I think... The current dilemma is that the army gives something at 10 years... I don't know if it's half pension or something else. But I know Jake doesn't like being in the army. He doesn't regret his decision at all. He's very proud to be a soldier...But he went through a lot of stuff that his twin didn't. He's had a lot more trouble with basic things. So he's tired of the trouble that comes with the paperwork and process of the army's organization. (does that make sense?).... So hopefully his talk with the general will open his eyes and help him make a very important decision. Plus he gets to pal around with his old coach.
kudos to good connections and truly genuine people!!!!

September 16, 2009

I Thought Today was Thursday... It's Not : (

The title says it all right? Good morning Wednesday.

Mom got a dress! Yay. It's awesome and is a really great silhouette for her. ignore her expression... I caught her off guard.

I'm very excited.

Jake has yet to ask 3 of his groomsmen to be in the wedding... still. It's getting frustrating.

I'm excited! I'm starting a new bible study tomorrow night with all the girls. 'Girls' includes mom, sister, FSIL, FMIL, possibly TOB and her mom.... and a friend of FSIL who also sells Mary Kay (under FSIL, like me) It's a good group of girls and I'm very excited considering the title of it is 'It's tough being a woman' or something to that effect, and it's centered on the book of Ester. Beth Moore is the creator of the series and it's going to last 10 weeks... ending the week before my wedding. So it's good guaranteed girl time with both families.

Speaking of FSIL. She is moving back to Columbus. She has been all over in the past year. Right after her wedding 2 years ago she moved out to Raleigh, NC for her husband's work. they were there for about 8 months then he was transferred to Charlot, NC... they stayed there for about 9 months and then he asked for a transfer to Cincinnati. Now that they're at least in Ohio her husband decided that he was OK with commuting when he needed to. So now they're in the contract stage of buying a house! Anyway She got more good news. She has her teaching license and had a hard time finding subbing positions in Cincinnati.... On Monday she got a call from our old high school, where she student taught, for a long term subbing position! Yay!

next up... Jake and a radiology tech position.

Tonight's plan: Meeting for cake tasting and hopefully a down payment.

September 15, 2009

The Pre-Wedding Shpiel

Last night we had our first meeting with our priest for wedding stuff!

We went through the service and made some decisions about where certain things would go and how many readers we needed. Who was going to hold the Communion tray... that kind of thing. It was cool. We're both pretty familiar with the order of stuff but I had no idea the service was as flexible as it is. I mean you hear Episcopalian and you think Church of England right?

And from there you mind starts racing to King Henry XIII and how he was messed up with his wives... Then you start thinking about Ann Boleyn and the book/movie 'The other Boleyn' and how they could have done that better. Then you think about Elizabeth and how weird it was that she made those collars high fashion... I mean really, the whole shaving/wig and white makeup scene in 'Elizabeth' was so depressing... Then you remember Dame Judy Dench's scene in 'Shakespeare in Love' when she's about to step in the puddle and the servant takes to long and she gets irritated. Cracks me up every time... Then you think about how in 'Shakespeare in love' the little boy in that said he saw Gweneth Paltrow's 'bubbies'... what a stupid word. But it's still one of the best movies of all time.

What was I talking about? Ohh the Church of England... Branched off from Catholic making the Protestant and all that jazz. You'd think that since the two, catholic and episcopal, are so similar... minus the confession of sins and such... that the service and order of things would be non-negotiable. So that was cool....

I apologize for the glimpse into my brain just then.

Anyway, after that we got the overview for the test thing that we're going to take that's like a personality/how well you mesh test. I have a feeling that Jake and I will do pretty well. I mean we're not perfect, but we're really good about talking about things.... most of the time..... as long as I bring it up..... and there is a long car ride involved...............

OK OK, I give. This is going t be good for us. I'm ancy for the email with our account info so I can get the test done...

P.S. We got our passport stuff done yesterday during my lunch hour...
YAY!!! And we might have found a place.... more on that when I get more information!

September 14, 2009

Checklists and Apartments

Well this weekend was productive... and not at the same time.

You know how you approach a day and expect certain things to happen? Well I had my sights set on this weekend. I had soo much I knew we could get done and I was excited that I could check them off my list. But low and behold... I hate it when you have big events on your list and little ones... and it's always the little ones that get pushed to the back of your mind.
This weekend my checklist looked as followed:

- Turn in passport app.
- Apartment search
- Address some invitations
- Check out clubhouse for shower and rehearsal dinner
- Help at FSIL's Mary Kay party
- Watch game
- Buy blue and green ribbon
- Buy wooden 'E' and 'J'
- Get Jake to Men's Warehouse

Now that I look at it I got a lot of that done... But the number 1. The most important. The one thing that has an uncontrollable deadline was the passport stuff... and that didn't get done. Not because we couldn't... but because we listened to other people who said that the post office only did passport stuff on certain days.... I was so upset that that didn't get crossed off my list. It's a good thing I'm making Jake pick me up today during my lunch hour so we can make sure we go to the post office and do that today.

But we did get a lot done. We got about 30-35 invited addressed and assembled. Now I just have to get stamps for the outer envelope. (I had 2 pages of stamps that I used for the reply cards. Thank you mom!)

The townhouse we walked through on Friday was a bust. Not only did the realtor showing us the place arrive 30 mins late with 2 phone calls telling me she was on her way... She also told us $700 was a deal is we did our own lawn work. WHAT? We’re renting from you. It's not our yard. The other thing that really got me was that when I asked about the long driveway and snow plowing she told me 'We've never really had that problem here and we don’t really get bad snows. I mean we'll help out when we can but we don’t plow the 1/4 mile driveway (I exaggerate on the length... but it's not a standard driveway length.... possibly about 4 times as long.)' Does she think I'm dumb? I mean I mentioned to her that we live in town. Needless to say we're not going with the townhouse. Mainly based on the fact that you cant open the fridge all the way due to the closed oven being on the other side of the room and in the way. Yeah it was literally that small.

This week I hope to get more invites addressed and the ones that are 99% done out in the mail. (Can anyone tell me how to put the invitation counter on your knot siggy?)

My check list for this week:
- Turn in passport information
- Pick cruise and pay.
- Tell Jake's dad about cruise so we can get his frequent flier miles
- Go apartment shopping and turn in rental deposit.
- Meet with priest Monday evening
- Voice lesson Tuesday after work
- Make Jake ask his remaining groomsmen to be groomsmen... (His twin, my brother and a friend. how does that work?)
- Buy last groomsman gift (we had to sub someone because one couldn't do it after we already bought the gift and had it engraved.... it's a good thing they're both family. Yay Christmas)
- Get Jake to ask old neighbor to be our second reader for our ceremony. (They’ve known each other since Jake was 4... and he is good friends with her oldest kid. why can’t he just call her up and ask? I don't know)
- Buy blue and green ribbon
- Buy wooden 'E' and 'J'
- Reserve hotel block
- Address invitations and send
- Go to cake tasting, sign contract and give deposit if she's awesome
- Get remaining guys to Men's Warehouse

It's a lot..... But all crucial for this week. Wish me luck with all that.... and wish us luck with the apartment stuff.

But good news. The other fiance and twin got back from their honeymoon and had an awesome time. Yay! Hopefully things can get back to normal now. Oh and I've decided that her new name will be The Other Bride... or TOB for short. It's similar enough, it makes sense.... it doesn't make Jake sound like a polygamist. Yay! lol.

OK. Happy Monday everyone!

September 12, 2009

Good Morning Weekend!

Well it's Saturday. I don't know why I'm up this early... My eyes are still not working right and let’s just say I'm very happy that blogger has spell check, because my fingers are all over this keyboard.

Yesterday I took a half day from work so Jake and I could go pick out wedding bands. We went to a little place that is only open during the day. Evidently FSIL's husband's family has been going to this guy for years. So we went to check it out and both found our rings! Jake got a tungsten band (not a surprise.) and I went in thinking I was going to get a flat, plain, white gold band.... Noooo. Now listen I have been looking. I have been trying on bands for a while. But due to the little peek-a-boo stones Jake custom set into my ring I didn't want anything that sat too high and covered them. So I was being picky. But this jeweler had the plain white bands in a catalogue. I just couldn't picture it. And not seeing the ring with my engagement ring before I bought it made me very nervous. So we looked at bands with diamonds in it. (I know I know) But I found one that I loved!

It is a Valina band. It sits low and is a channel setting. It's very thin and doesn't take away from my e-ring at all. I'm very excited. I think the carat total was .25, which doesn't really matter to me, but you'll get the idea of how skinny it is. (Plus my fingers are tiny... I mean t-i-n-y. Jake got a size 7 just in case my fingers were too fat.... and we had to get it re sized to a 4.5.... And it's still a little big.) So the ring looks dainty and feminine in my finger. Which is nice.

Yesterday we also viewed a townhouse in Upper Arlington. It was not nice. The realtor was 30 mins late to our appointment and the girl wasn't even moved out yet. So we nixed it because the kitchen wasn't big enough to open the fridge all the way...

So this is our dilemma. We are looking for a townhouse or garden apartment in central Ohio. Our price range is as low as possible without getting a dump to about $680-700. We went around and started going to commercial apartment complexes and liked Govoner's Square and really liked the options there. I'll post pictures of the town home they had later.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. We want to be kind of close to campus and we need 2 bedrooms and cat friendly. Other than that we're pretty open to looking.

We are thinking about going out again today to see if anywhere has anything available. Wish us luck!

September 11, 2009

Faciful Fridays

I'm on the look out for my rehearsal dinner dress....

and I decided looking at clothing websites = bad for my health and checking account. So here are some of my wants and wishes. Enjoy!

The bane of my existence: Forever 21

WHY?!!! Why does all their stuff have to be so dang adorable!