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August 17, 2009

The Weekend Recap... lookin' good!

This weekend was sweltering and busy! Friday night I don't even remember what I did.... Oh, my brother got out of the academy for the weekend so we chowed down at Cheese Burger in Paradise. Now to set the scene. I'm sitting at the table with Jake and my whole family. We're big and a little rowdy with Nephew being 3 and all... Jake all of a sudden notices a younger table staring at him and mean muggin' (glaring for those of you who are not up on my lingo I've adopted from the other fiance. lol). I didn't notice. I never do with those kinda of things. So we leave and go back to mi casa...

Saturday I wake up early to go buy fixings for fruit pizza (yum) and I wake up my sister and SH (sister's husband) so she can help me make said fruit pizza for TOF personal shower (lingerie shower). Then I go to meet the FSIL at Jake's mom's house so we can go help TOF's MOH set up for the shower. Everything went OK. After that we went back to the house and I went out for drinks and some chow with FMIL and FSIL. It was a lot of fun. we talked about rehearsal dinner and relayed the findings at the shower to FMIL. Jake went to a movie with his best bud who is getting ready to deploy at the end of this month. Then Jake and I sat and talked to FSIL while we dodged going to the party Twin and TOF were at... And spending the negative amount of money we had on a trip to Cedar Point with Jake's buddy, his fiance, and some random people we didn't know. Both groups were/are probably mad.... But oh well..

Yesterday was church, nap and spaghetti! We found out that the table of people mean muggin' at Cheese Burger in Paradise was TOF's dad's girlfriends daughter... She thought Jake was his twin (understandable) out with another girl and her family a mere 13 days before his wedding. She was corrected by TOF. This girl forgot the boys were twins.... The funniest story I've heard in a while...

P.S. I won an award!!!!!

I won this award from Brittany who blogs at Sweet, sassy and oh so classy. Thanks Brit!
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My award goes to....
The New Mrs. @ The Newleyweds
Crystal @ The Story of Us
Life Loves Those Who Love Life @ A True Gemini

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