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August 24, 2009

Wedding Event Weekend!!!

I'll do a quick weekend update then get into the juicy details. Believe me... You'll want the details.

So Friday night we did nothing.. OK maybe not nothing... I went tanning with my sister. Bought pieces for the other fiance's wedding day emergency kit. then Jake and I ate at Chillies with the FSIL and her hubby. It was fun! I'm truly starting to enjoy hanging out with them. They're thinking about moving back to Columbus. I can't even imagine moving 3 times in the past year... But the move to Cincinnati was unnecessary. So they're looking at houses and stuff! Yay!

I slept on concrete Jake's mom's floor in the living room so I didn't have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn seven to get back to their house by 9am. The girl works with the FMIL and was amazing with our hair. I'm stealing recruiting her for my wedding. I to be re-fitted for my dress. FGIL hasn't started on it yet due to the other fiance having such dress horror stories. With her 5 attached crinoline, beading on the bottom hem and a missing pleat in the skirt (manufacturer's fault). It's insane busy in the former seamstress' house. So after being stuck by pins and deciding on the neckline, finally, I took it off and got my hair did (yeah, that's right). Then after a quick trip to Joann's for sew in bra cups we all changed for the bachlorette party.

OK this is the details to pay attention to. It was an interesting night. So first we all got to Easton after a little delay due to someone forgetting to invite the FMIL and the other fiance refusing to let her be left at home (yeah! you go girl!) we parked and met up with the girls who weren't from our side of town. We went into Shadowbox Cabaret and went up to the balcony, where we had reserved seats..... And our waiter...... Get this..... Was my Ex.

AAAA. yes ladies and gentlemen... The guy I left so I could make Jake break up with his hag of a girlfriend date Jake was our server!!!!!! I went up and took my seat while he was taking drink orders from the other part of my group, I decided ignoring him was a great bad idea, so I waved and did the whole "oh hey sissy pants who cried when I broke up with him after 4 months of dating guy, how have you been. wow! it's been how long. whoa, time flies" *flash the engagement ring with a little inside smirk* (.... yeah the ring flash was petty and yes I felt awesome after doing it. ) The FMIL was sitting closer to him and heard him say to another waiter 'damn. well this is going to be interesting' in a snide tone (her words, not mine). Ha.

The night progressed with people other than him bringing out my food and drinks... and right before the show started they did all their announcements. Now everyone at the bachlorette party paid extra so the other fiance could get embarrassed on stage. so during the announcements they told whit that someone was here asking for her.... then proceeded to pull her on stage.
When she got up there they had her sit down on one of their chairs and out came.... you guessed it.... My Ex.... dressed in drag like Madonna singing 'like a virgin'.

I laughed then turned to FSIL, who knew my ex from college, once the lap dance started and said 'damn, I'm so glad this isn't my bachlorette party'..... Could you imagine. The one guy Jake would willingly beat into the ground (man, am I putting that nicely) giving me a lap dance at my bachlorette party. To say the least, no matter how much I like Shadowbox, we will not be going there for my B-party.

Anyway, the show was really good and we all met up with the twin's bachelor party to go to a bar on campus. It was fun and everyone had a really good time. Jake wasn't thrilled to hear about the Ex situation... But what can you do. I remember hearing mumbles about going back to Easton to teach someone respect at one point... But I was too drunk tipsy to pay much attention.

Sunday was a lazy day off eating bagels and drinking a lot of water.

All in all, even with the little bit of drama, I have to say the weekend was a success!

(Jake asked another guy to be in his wedding party. 3 down, 3 to go... That was sarcastic due to my frustration of this not being done yet... Boys. Why cant they make things easy?)


ihatemichigan said...

Wow! That is funny stuff.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I would have flashed the ring too....not petty at all! Sounds like a fun...and interesting....night! Gotta love running into exes!