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August 27, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

It's Thursday again

  • I'm thankful that my fiance will drive me everywhere. My car broke down a while ago and I have to buy a new motor for it. (dad says its something that is on the bottom of the motor. so he has to take the whole thing out) So since Jake has been home he has been the driver. This is nothing new to him. I didn't get my license until the summer after my 18th birthday.... then I didn't have my own car for a while.... and now my car is dead
  • I'm thankful for yard for sale signs that state the realtor's name/company on them.... It makes for easy contacting and information. We're looking in the Grandview/Grandview Heights area for a town home... This time it's for real looking... not fake.
  • nail files. save my life every time.
  • Spray tanning.... making Jake take me to go tanning is out of the question... He flat out refuses. So I can make him take me to spray tan just once and I'll pretend I worked hard laying in tanning beds getting cancer bronze.
  • Wii Mario kart. Best game ever... On any gaming device. But Wii... with the steering wheels.... The best.
  • Reality checks. I like them. I like knowing that I'm being realistic and down to earth. I like that I'm over prepared.... it beats not having a clue whats going on.
  • losing 4 months of an engagement... I would have just changed my mind a million times. I don't mind the stress and we're getting married that much sooner. score!
  • Jake's friends.... they're there for me almost as much as Jake is... I mean when Jake deploys and I'm scared due to weird people outside my soon to be house... I know I'll be able to call one of them an make them come over, have them bring their significant others over with them... and protect me... I told them they had to. And they listen to me.
  • quiet afternoons at work.... not a phone call to be heard.
  • having things explained rather than yelled. I much prefer talking about problems than having people lecture or yell at me for doing something wrong...
  • vitamins... even though they make your pee weird colors...I like knowing that I'm doing something good for my health.

1 comment:

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

What a great list!! I also love Wii MarioCart. The hubs really wants one....like REALLY wants one....Im thinking maybe for xmas.

Love the grandview area! We looked briefly for houses, but they were either WAY out of our price range, or total dumps and we are NOT handy people. Good luck with the townhouse search.