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August 13, 2009

Thankful Thursdays!!!

Yaya! It's Thursday people! you know what that means!

I'm thankful for

  • Friends of my mom's that are Episcopal priests- when my current priest said he couldn't work with the new date I about flipped (see previous post). My mom's friend from the first church we ever went to in Ohio is thrilled about performing the ceremony! Yay!

  • Advising appointments- I went to one today that told me that if I want to take 12 credit hours a quarter this year I could and still graduate by summer quarter! Yay!

  • Cool family that lives far away but still tries to help with wedding stuff! Go bridal party team Boston!

  • Fiances that let you sleep through everything- last night I went over to Jake's mom's house to watch Star Wars (the one last one where Darth dies)... I slept through the end and he let me sleep until it was almost midnight. He didn't want me to be tired on the 15 min drive back to my house..... It's a bad habit of mine to use extra long blinks while driving after 11 pm.

  • Suckers at banks- They're so yummy. And I never feel bad taking more than 1.

  • Sad moms who don't want their baby getting married because 'it's too soon'. Love you mommy! I know I'm your baby and I know I'll never understand until I have kids of my own.

  • Calendars-I'd die without one.

What about you? Hows your list looking this week?

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ihatemichigan said...

On my list today are relatives with pools. There is nothing better than floating in a backyard pool, soaking up what little is left of summer before school starts.