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August 31, 2009

The other fiance----- no more

OK well this weekend was the other fiance's wedding.... So now it's time to find her a new nickname... Any suggestions? please comment.

So the weekend went well. The rehearsal was a disaster. Everyone forgot about the seating of the grandparents. The officiant, who was the other fiance's papaw, went through every little part of the ceremony. (bless his heart. he's in his 80's and it totally adorable!) we were late starting and leaving.

The wedding day was good. FSIL, FMIL, FGIL and I all got to the athletic club early and started our makeup and hair. There was a fiasco when the bride informed us that her chihuahua was going to now be lead down the isle by her mother.... Who was not pleased but wouldn't say anything... So FSIL told her how many bad possibilities there were. She decided against it.
 Then we started to go down for the ceremony. The groom was still out in the lobby so we had to keep the bride in the elevator and take her back upstairs.... needless to say the bridesmaid's missed they're song to walk... well not entirely... I was the first out and I jump started when the bride, who was chit chatting, suddenly said.... 'oh dang! that's the end of your song'.... so I started... then when I was almost to the front the pianist changed to the wedding march! WHAT!!!! so all the rest of the bridesmaids walked to the Bridal March... then the pianist started over for the bride! hahahaha.

But it was really beautiful! when the bride started walking... all the bridesmaid's were crying and it was awkward for all the guests... like some of them were almost sobbing. I wasn't as bad because I started laughing about all of us! Then when it was the bride's turn to say her vows she was prompted for the 'for richer, for poorer' and instead the accidental said 'in sickness and in health'......... everyone cracked up. Jake said her face was priceless. But she laughed it off and said it correctly. everything went well after that....

For pictures the event staff kept being pushy about needing the room... almost rude. it was dumb. But we just ignored them.

The reception started and the food was decent. Not quite what I expected coming from CAC... but oh well. Jake's toast was the best! he talked about the times the bride had confused him with the groom. And there have been more than enough with them being twins. One was just this past July! It was really funny!

it was fun and everything was really nice. The bride and groom were in their little happy glow bubble.

the only drama (you knew it was coming) was when the bar was very strict about underage drinking. One bridesmaid threw a fit when the MOH wouldn't give her the room key so she could go drink in the bride and groom's suite. So they went up together.... along with the other bridesmaids (except me and FSIL) and they got into a HUGE fight. MOH told the bridesmaid (who had missed so much already) how it was.... the other two bridesmaids who went up said that it was bad enough when the groom's friend I sent up got there, the MOH thought it was security..... But really I sent the guy up to tell the girls to stop their bitching and get downstairs because dinner was being served and they had better get their asses down stairs. the one bridesmaid didn't show her face for about 2 hours after that..... needless to say she left early.

So that's it... Sorry it was so choppy. It was a good night because the bride didn't focus on the bad that was happening. she wasn't upset about the carding at the bar. She was calm cool and collected. The groom was on cloud 9..... It was awesome.

I'm so happy for them.

I'm next...................... :)


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Wow that was quite the day! We had a strict church lady directing us the day of so there would be no mishaps!

As for a new nickname....I suppose you could start calling her the other wife now.

ALin said...

Wow! Sounds like a full day! Glad everything went well . . . or as well as can be expected it sounds like!

Crystal said...

You could call her SIL2

ihatemichigan said...

Well at least it was interesting. Here's hoping your wedding goes off with less drama.