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August 4, 2009

Ooooh.... Awards

So because Mrs. EyeCanSee over at The Juice is Worth the Squeeze tagged me in Honest Scrap I'll oblige cause she's so freaking awesome... and my knot board mediator (its a scary title to one who is intimidated by authority. lol)

1. I am currently working in my sister's old student job. She worked in the position for 5 years while taking classes at OSU. Now I'm doing the same.... Oh and Dad is my supervisor. So I get away with a lot.

2. My entire life is held in 2 rooms of my house. My bedroom and my bathroom. All of the things that are considered mine are in those two rooms. When I was younger my family was told that if it was yours, you had to clean it up unless it was in your room or the bathroom... So I confined myself to those two rooms starting in high school so that when I heard 'Erin take this crap upstairs' I just reply 'None of its mine, Mom'.... and no one can argue, cause it's true.

3. I'm a shopaholic..... really. I have this issue where I cant go into a store with a purpose because I end up with at least one more thing.... Those impulse buys are what gets me. It's a good thing Jake is the exact opposite.

4. I have had 2 cats. One white, one black. Both with biblical names. Both with more toes than normal. Malickie (pronounced like the bible book.... i spelled it phonetically) had 24. 7 on each front foot and 5 on each back.... he was special. Ezekiel has 20. 6 on each front foot and 4 on each back.... What can I say.... I love freaks.

5. I use to be blond.... that's right... Blond hair, blue eyes... A straight up toe-head.

6. I have a tattoo... Just 1 for right now. My sister has one that matches... kinda. We got them 2 years apart and mine is on my right foot... Hers is on her left. So we make a pair.

7. My sister raised me. Mom and Dad were there, but Sis claimed I was 'her baby' right away. So she did everything but breast feed me. Mom was OK with supervising because she had my bro to deal with too... So my 6 year old sister was put in charge of a new born... People think it's weird... But for me it's normal.

8. I can read a book really fast. I'm talking for real. I can read a 380 page romance novel in 4 1/2 - 5 hours. I read the Divinci code in just under 6. I read the whole twilight series in 3 1/2 days (which included going to work every one of those days). I am planning on reading the harry potter series again and I'm estimating being done with that in 5-6 days.... Lets just say I've done a lot of reading over the past year.

9. I have a 3 octave vocal range (and growing)... Muahahaha.

10. I use to Scottish dance. Yep. For 14 years I danced with my sister. I always thought I was meant for the more generic dance styles like ballet and jazz... I'm really good at imitating them... But I've never trained in them. Only Scottish. It makes me sad because I think I had a lot of potential..... But oh well.

So there you go... 10 random facts about me.

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Mrs EyeCanSee said...

LOL! Really, no need to fear...I'm like the worst board moderator ever! I tried to crack down once and then felt bad for being mean...cause in all reality, I don't care what people post. As long as it's not down right offensive.

Is Scottish dancing anything like Irish dancing?? Cause I am a self proclaimed irish dancing fanatic. I don't do it myself, but I love to watch!