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August 3, 2009

Oh the Joys of the Army

Well....... OK are you ready for the most stressful predicament ever? I'm not. But here we go.

Jake and his twin are in the army National Guard. They were sworn in by their old baseball coach, who is a General ....... Yeah, it was pretty cool. General knew that the boys wanted to be doctors, and that there was only one spot. Therefore he created a spot in the xray unit for Jake. (Josh signed his papers first) This has been a little thing for the boys all throughout their Army careers, so far. Now to give you some background. Jake's twin has been saying all along how he is going to do his 20 years and get pension. Jake has always said that he's not a lifer. Which is OK with me. I wasn't as keen on the enlisting idea in the beginning as TOF was. She's been surrounded by military lifers for forever.... Not me. I didn't trust the military (hmm... looking at that in retrospect.....). Now, the boys have discussed with the General about their plan of action. All along he told them ROTC was the way to go. They'd be able to sign up and do their schooling and not be deployed. I liked the sound of that. so they were planning on that all along.

This weekend, Jake's twin had drill... Jake hasn't in-processed yet. And at drill the unit got the deployment list. There were three spots for xray techs... 2 were filled. 1 was by Jake's twin.... Now if you'll remember, Jake hasn't signed back in for being done with his training. That means he's not able to be put on any list. Our thinking is that that 1 free spot has his name already penciled in.

What about the ROTC, you ask?

The unit leaders told Jake's twin when he told them he was signing papers to join that they were going to talk to the captain of the ROTC and tell him that his skills were too unique and they needed him on the deployment. Now, if his twin gets out of deployment..... There is NO way Jake will. We think the General can only do so much.

This means that one, or both of the boys will be deployed in April. And that they are going to find out their training orders on Wednesday. Their two options for training is 2 weeks in October.... Or 2 weeks in March in addition to the last week that is already scheduled....

That, my lovelies, means that 1 or both of the boys will be unavailable for the wedding.... which is not an option. Jake refuses to get married without his best man and twin brother.... and frankly I do too. It would crush both of them if it happened.

So needless to say we are changing our wedding date. I don't really know how to move from here and I cant really do anything until we find out what their training orders are. But I refuse to be married less than a month and have Jake shipped off....... I want as much time to be his wife before he leave as possible. If that means sacrificing some deposits or cutting lists, then I'm doing it.

We're discussing the option of a separate ceremony and reception. It's not my favorite idea, but the funds aren't all there if we don't get our deposits back. So today I'm reading over our contracts and I'm going to be making some phone calls over the next few days. Isn't it lovely though..... talk about stress. I think God may have thought I was holding a prayer vigil last night.

I'm stressed, but trying to keep it positive.


Brittany said...

I saw your post on The Knot and just wanted to wish you the best of luck!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

That sucks hard core!! I suppose on the bright side you get to have your wedding sooner! Just trying to find a silver lining in all this mess! Hope it all falls into place for you!

Crystal said...

Think about this too. You and Jake are pretty much married now. When he asked and you said yes, you were already married in your heart. What I mean is that short of death you guys are in it for the long haul. The ceremony just makes it legal. Try to keep it all in perspective. And you could have a ceremony with everyone that is really small and then have another ceremony and the reception at the March time if it is still able to happen then. No one would have to know about the first marriage until later if you didn't want them to and you could choose which date you wanted to be your official.