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August 19, 2009

New Ideas

Let's call this Wednesday's Wedding Obsessions

So with the move to November has come many things.

  • I've come to appreciate long engagements
  • The support from everyone (even the other fiance) has been totally awesome.
  • I've found that people really do mean well... even if they are very pushy in their suggestions.
  • vendors are awesome in their adaptability (maybe minus 1 but I'll go into that after things get figured out).
  • Honeymoons start looking way better.
  • My style ideas are changing due to the season.... Which creates some issues.

My newest obsessions for my wedding are as followed:

Bells of Ireland...
I want them everywhere. first it was moss... now it's bells of Ireland. I'm almost afraid they're too spring-y to have in November.

with the fall/winter season feathers make me think of being warm... feather and fur evidently go in the same category for me... so my favorite idea right now is white ostrich feathers as escort cards. I'd clothes pin them to a ribbon board in a white vintage frame.

Navy blues with bright greens.
The girls are all wearing navy... and to make things pop I want the accent green to be, not quite lime, green. more rich than lime green.

ribbon pomanders...

So that's it for right now. Some of the obsessions will happen... others wont. We'll have to see. I'll update you on the vendor thing when I think it's appropriate... But you'll just love the situation... promise (note the sarcasm involved).
OHOHOH something that should also be here by the end of the week........ ready?


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I told hubby about half way through our planning when it was too late to change colors...that for our next wedding I wanted to do navy and green. I am in love with that combo! Needless to say I think one wedding to plan was enough for him. :)

Can't wait to see your epics!

ihatemichigan said...

I LOVE those Bells of Ireland! I think they will look fine in the fall...especially as a way to tie in the green.

ALin said...

When we started planning I told J I wanted to plan like 6 different weddings because there were too many color combos/styles I LOVED (Navy and green being one of them). I think it will turn out great!

Also, I have to say, by the time the wedding was a month or two away J and I kept saying how we were almost more excited for the honeymoon than the wedding because we would finally have a chance to relax!