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August 18, 2009

More to get off the 'To-do' list

hello my readers... if there are any of you out there. After going through my blog I realized that if there are some of you actually reading this stuff you must think I'm the most random person ever. I mean really. with all the side comments and stories that don't even relate to whats going on you must think I'm A.D.D. and psychotic. (No offense to those of you reading who may be afflicted with those attributes. or was that offensive to say its afflicted... I don't know and now I'm frustrated about trying to be P.C.)

Anyway. I things are settling down. I got the bridesmaid dresses ordered yesterday! Wahoo! what a HUGE worry to have taken out of my hands! they're all going to show up to Jake's house (oops I guess we should have used my bank card instead of his) in 8 weeks or less!!! Hopefully less so people can start getting them fitted correctly! I'm SO excited about them.

I'm emailing our potential DJ. We met with him a week before the date change fiasco started and loved him. Jake probably wouldn't put it that way... He'd talk about how professional his BOS equipment was and how he wanted the guys lap top... and other such manly comments. Anyway, I'm waiting for him to let me know if November 27th works... he asked about times so I'm wondering if he's putting the information in the books or checking on travel conflicts. With our luck it's travel conflicts and he wont be able to make it. Pray that's not true.. I hope I didn't just jinx myself.... damn.

Another thing that happened is I ordered a partial part of my bridesmaid's and flower girl's presents and Jake ordered his groomsman's presents. yay!

This Saturday FSIL, FMIL and I are having our hair trials for TOF's wedding. A daughter of FMIL's co-worker is going to do it. I don't know what I'm going to do yet... But I don't really need to do anything mind blowing cause it's not my wedding. yeah!

Also on Saturday... ready.... ready?! I'm going to try on my wedding dress!!! it's not anywhere near done but now that TOF dress is done and the girl coming to do our hair is getting her's altered by the future grandma-in-law.... It's going to be a wedding dress party. I don't know if FGIL has even started on it yet. She might be re-pining things. But I get to see my dress for the first time in 4 months! WHAT?! I know. It's been 4 months since I zipped that dress bag and put the beautiful thing in FGIL's car.

Lets, all together now, do a little happy dance!


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Oh how fun! You will LOVE getting to try your dress on again! What BM dress did you go with?? I'm glad you're getting them in time.

ihatemichigan said...

That's so exciting...sometimes I want to put my wedding dress on again. I supposed I could, all it would take is a drive to my parent's house. Have a good time!

Crystal said...

Uhhh why wasn't I informed that there was going to be wedding dress trying on? I'm sure mom will want to be there too.