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August 21, 2009

Friday's weekly check list

So this week has been interesting.

  • It started out with a vendor trying to talk me out of my date due to another client offering to pay full price (I'm working the military discount as much as I can and I'm not afraid). I said no and that was that.
  • My brother got dropped from the Highway Patrol Academy due to his grades. (yes, it's like he was in school with tests and class every day) So they offered him the chance to either step away or get 'fired'.... so he walked away. Now he's home jobless with a jobless wife and a 3 year old.... It's a good thing they're paid on their apartment until November. So if anyone has any job suggestions please let me know and I'll pass it on.
  • Now that my brother has no conflict with my wedding he is the only sibling out of both families that isn't in the wedding party... And everyone else is matched up... he'd be an odd ball on the boy's side... Plus I don't know if Jake wants to ask him, which is bad.... but they're not that close. I don't know what to do.

That's the bad...
The good:

  • I ordered bridesmaid dresses!
  • We booked a DJ and paid the deposit!
  • TOF is shaping up and being her sweet, listening, cool self again. That's awesome, by the way. She's been so rational and conscious of other people it's a breath of fresh air. lets hope she doesn't take a turn for the worse on her wedding day. I have faith in her.
  • My sister's hubby started law school today!
  • Project Runway started last night!
  • Jake let me sleep for 12 hours the other day!
  • I'm picking invitation wording then ordering the invites... so maybe tonight or tomorrow they'll be checked off my list!

For this weekend:

  • I'm getting my hair trial for TOF's wedding and maybe trying on my dress. (TOF has had dress woes. First she's a pixie so the hem had to come up from the waist due to beading on the bottom. The dress had 2 pleats on 1 side and only 1 on the other... so FGIL had to add a pleat to the dress after hemming the dress twice... I'm telling you TOF is only like 5'2"... and as of Wednesday the pleat wasn't done yet... Oh did I mention she has 5 layers of crinoline attached to the dress.... that all had to be hemmed twice?)
  • TOF's bachelorette party! We're going to shadow box and maybe something after! I'm really excited!

another thought for next week..... buying books for fall quarter. EWWW!

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