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August 12, 2009

Five Hours of Hell

Have you ever had the feeling that the entire world was crashing down on you? Like because of one thing... One major thing, all the plans for the rest of your life were ruined? That's what yesterday was like for me. I wish I could Joke about it and say that I was being dramatic... But I don't think I was. I think my world shattered for a time and I was lost.

Let me explain.

Due to the deployment issue our wedding has been moved. Old news I know. Well after a week of discussion we decided Thanksgiving weekend was the best option. The Vault was booked every Saturday until the end of time except for November 21..... Which is when the OSU vs. Michigan game is. We couldn't choose that weekend because everyone on Jake's side is in town and huge fans. His Aunt is even the head of the OSU boosters department.

Now don't get me wrong. I love me some buckeyes. I'm a buckeye myself. I'm just not a sports fan. I've only been to 2 buckeye football games and I found it hard to pay attention due to the absence of commercials. It's just how I am. Give me hockey or lacrosse where the fights are illegal and people hit each other with sticks and I'm good... Not awesome, But I can stay with it.... Sit me down in front of a TV with a football, basketball, soccer ball, or anything of that nature and I sleep.... I'm not kidding. I fall asleep. I can sleep anywhere. So being in a stadium, not drunk, and watching a football game..... I did what comes naturally. I put my cute little head down on my handsome boyfriend (at the time)'s shoulder and pretended I was watching.... He knew, of course, what was going on and just let me go. I love him so much.

I digress.

So with all of our Saturdays taken due to my refusal to cater to people who would probably come to the ceremony drunk from the game....(thinking mostly of the groom's men) The only option for us was a Friday. Not just any Friday because I have family from all over the country. But Thanksgiving Friday... Yes, I'm aware I'm getting married on 'Black Friday'.... (think of the awesome anniversary presents I'd get every few years)

ANYWAY... man I'm A.D.D....

So in order to let everyone get into town in time to attend our wedding, spend time with family AND maybe get leisure time in before leaving again, we are good with November 27th, 2009.

My priest had another idea.

He emailed me saying he wasn't going to be available to do the service that day due to being out of town with family.... That's OK. I was fine until I called Jake. He's a 'no rash decisions in the heat of the moment' kind of guy.... I'm more of a 'doesn't work? OK find a plan B and fast' kinda girl. He told me 'don't get upset, babygurl', 'we'll sit down and work it out tonight', 'it's not the end of the world'.

Now, when you say that to someone who, by herself due to Army training, planned a wedding that was going to happen in March, who was on her A-game and getting everything done ahead of schedule... Who now has to pull everything together in 3-4 months with a smaller budget... But the same size guest list.... What is the reaction you expect? I was pissed. his calming method pisses me off normally just on its own. but pair it with stress and everything else..... I wasn't having it. 
I broke down....

That's right people. I was tearing up, not crying but dang close every time I opened my mouth, at work.... WHAT??? (Thank the Lord Jake was picking me up from work early) But anyway. I freaked out for a good 2.5 hours at work, telling my mom via text what was happening. She then saved the day. She called my priest and asked if the church was still available if we found a different priest to sub for him... given that they were of the right denomination.

He said YES!!! Awesome! So my mom called my old church and found out that my old priest was going on a cruise that weekend...  Then she called a guy who is in her Friday bible group that recently graduated from the seminary... I've known the guy since I was little and he's been kept up to date on everything through my parents. He was available and totally thrilled about the idea! SCORE! so Now I have a priest able to do the ceremony that I've known for ages. (We've only been going to my current church for about 2 years... and I've not been a very good church-goer) Mom's a lifesaver.... Cherry flavored!

So I'm set! Everyone please do a little happy dance for me.... Thanks!

Invites and bridesmaid dresses are getting ordered this weekend. Groom's men are getting asked today, hopefully. Gifts are getting ordered tonight.... We're getting the ball rolling.

p.s. My mom told me after we locked in the Priest that she would have called one other guy... Then called the Bishop of southern Ohio. He was my summer camp priest for quite a few years... And everyone who ever went to camp Procter called him 'Purple'.... It would have been so funny.... but very weird having a bishop marrying me.... Given he would have. Who knows. But it's still weird to think about.

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ALin said...


Haha, just kidding. But you seriously weren't kidding when you said you can fall asleep anywhere!

I'm glad everything worked out with the priest. I had that kind of meltdown at work when we were trying to find a church and J tried that whole, "everything will work out" bit. I wanted to roundhouse kick him in the face . . . but everything did work out :O)