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August 10, 2009

Dress Shopping

Bridesmaid dresses hit the back burner when the wedding was in March due to the long time I had to prep and find what I wanted. Now that the wedding is this November it was a little hectic.

So, last Thursday My sister, future sister-in-law (TOF), and best friend all went to a local bridal store to try on dresses. I felt bad because we were just looking to see if they could find dresses they liked so I could order them from Pearl's Place. The woman helping us was really awesome and the three girls picked dresses. Here they are:

I took BW (brother'swife) to find her dress on Sunday along with Jake's sister. 
So Jake's sister and my brother's wife found their dresses and they look like this (I didn't get a picture of Jake's sister in her dress, I was too excited about being done):
In the process of looking at all the dresses I have decided on going with a more navy color than having my sister in blue and the rest in green. With the dresses all being different it would just be too much. so the dresses will be These blues:

I am SOOOOO excited! (And I refuse to feel guilty that the wedding had to be moved and I have no money)


ALin said...

Sounds stressful! And the last thing you need is any more stress! I hope they can all just take a chill pill and fork over the cash. They said "yes" to being a bridesmaid, therefore they said "yes" to the expenses entailed . . . and you are not asking too much, believe me! Hang in there!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Haha. I totally did the same thing to Alan Ray....three times!! They have a such a HUGE selections of BM dresses and unlike stupid Wendy's they tell you the designer and style number! Hopefully your ladies stop complaining...you are not asking too much.