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August 31, 2009

The other fiance----- no more

OK well this weekend was the other fiance's wedding.... So now it's time to find her a new nickname... Any suggestions? please comment.

So the weekend went well. The rehearsal was a disaster. Everyone forgot about the seating of the grandparents. The officiant, who was the other fiance's papaw, went through every little part of the ceremony. (bless his heart. he's in his 80's and it totally adorable!) we were late starting and leaving.

The wedding day was good. FSIL, FMIL, FGIL and I all got to the athletic club early and started our makeup and hair. There was a fiasco when the bride informed us that her chihuahua was going to now be lead down the isle by her mother.... Who was not pleased but wouldn't say anything... So FSIL told her how many bad possibilities there were. She decided against it.
 Then we started to go down for the ceremony. The groom was still out in the lobby so we had to keep the bride in the elevator and take her back upstairs.... needless to say the bridesmaid's missed they're song to walk... well not entirely... I was the first out and I jump started when the bride, who was chit chatting, suddenly said.... 'oh dang! that's the end of your song'.... so I started... then when I was almost to the front the pianist changed to the wedding march! WHAT!!!! so all the rest of the bridesmaids walked to the Bridal March... then the pianist started over for the bride! hahahaha.

But it was really beautiful! when the bride started walking... all the bridesmaid's were crying and it was awkward for all the guests... like some of them were almost sobbing. I wasn't as bad because I started laughing about all of us! Then when it was the bride's turn to say her vows she was prompted for the 'for richer, for poorer' and instead the accidental said 'in sickness and in health'......... everyone cracked up. Jake said her face was priceless. But she laughed it off and said it correctly. everything went well after that....

For pictures the event staff kept being pushy about needing the room... almost rude. it was dumb. But we just ignored them.

The reception started and the food was decent. Not quite what I expected coming from CAC... but oh well. Jake's toast was the best! he talked about the times the bride had confused him with the groom. And there have been more than enough with them being twins. One was just this past July! It was really funny!

it was fun and everything was really nice. The bride and groom were in their little happy glow bubble.

the only drama (you knew it was coming) was when the bar was very strict about underage drinking. One bridesmaid threw a fit when the MOH wouldn't give her the room key so she could go drink in the bride and groom's suite. So they went up together.... along with the other bridesmaids (except me and FSIL) and they got into a HUGE fight. MOH told the bridesmaid (who had missed so much already) how it was.... the other two bridesmaids who went up said that it was bad enough when the groom's friend I sent up got there, the MOH thought it was security..... But really I sent the guy up to tell the girls to stop their bitching and get downstairs because dinner was being served and they had better get their asses down stairs. the one bridesmaid didn't show her face for about 2 hours after that..... needless to say she left early.

So that's it... Sorry it was so choppy. It was a good night because the bride didn't focus on the bad that was happening. she wasn't upset about the carding at the bar. She was calm cool and collected. The groom was on cloud 9..... It was awesome.

I'm so happy for them.

I'm next...................... :)

August 27, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

It's Thursday again

  • I'm thankful that my fiance will drive me everywhere. My car broke down a while ago and I have to buy a new motor for it. (dad says its something that is on the bottom of the motor. so he has to take the whole thing out) So since Jake has been home he has been the driver. This is nothing new to him. I didn't get my license until the summer after my 18th birthday.... then I didn't have my own car for a while.... and now my car is dead
  • I'm thankful for yard for sale signs that state the realtor's name/company on them.... It makes for easy contacting and information. We're looking in the Grandview/Grandview Heights area for a town home... This time it's for real looking... not fake.
  • nail files. save my life every time.
  • Spray tanning.... making Jake take me to go tanning is out of the question... He flat out refuses. So I can make him take me to spray tan just once and I'll pretend I worked hard laying in tanning beds getting cancer bronze.
  • Wii Mario kart. Best game ever... On any gaming device. But Wii... with the steering wheels.... The best.
  • Reality checks. I like them. I like knowing that I'm being realistic and down to earth. I like that I'm over prepared.... it beats not having a clue whats going on.
  • losing 4 months of an engagement... I would have just changed my mind a million times. I don't mind the stress and we're getting married that much sooner. score!
  • Jake's friends.... they're there for me almost as much as Jake is... I mean when Jake deploys and I'm scared due to weird people outside my soon to be house... I know I'll be able to call one of them an make them come over, have them bring their significant others over with them... and protect me... I told them they had to. And they listen to me.
  • quiet afternoons at work.... not a phone call to be heard.
  • having things explained rather than yelled. I much prefer talking about problems than having people lecture or yell at me for doing something wrong...
  • vitamins... even though they make your pee weird colors...I like knowing that I'm doing something good for my health.

August 26, 2009

Engagement Pictures!!

OK party people (name that movie if you can...) If you can remember the day I was freaking out about e-pics and rain then you'll appreciate the following:

Engagement pictures are up. Our session was in the exact 2 hours between downpours. Check them out at Britk photography's website. if you go into online proofs and use erinjake09 as the password you can see some of them. I'm trying to get my hands on the copyright for them so I can post them here, there and everywhere. I really like a lot of them. More of the casual pictures because that's 'us'. But the formal outfits are nice. I'm very excited to have gotten them back finally.

Let me know what you think!

August 24, 2009

Wedding Event Weekend!!!

I'll do a quick weekend update then get into the juicy details. Believe me... You'll want the details.

So Friday night we did nothing.. OK maybe not nothing... I went tanning with my sister. Bought pieces for the other fiance's wedding day emergency kit. then Jake and I ate at Chillies with the FSIL and her hubby. It was fun! I'm truly starting to enjoy hanging out with them. They're thinking about moving back to Columbus. I can't even imagine moving 3 times in the past year... But the move to Cincinnati was unnecessary. So they're looking at houses and stuff! Yay!

I slept on concrete Jake's mom's floor in the living room so I didn't have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn seven to get back to their house by 9am. The girl works with the FMIL and was amazing with our hair. I'm stealing recruiting her for my wedding. I to be re-fitted for my dress. FGIL hasn't started on it yet due to the other fiance having such dress horror stories. With her 5 attached crinoline, beading on the bottom hem and a missing pleat in the skirt (manufacturer's fault). It's insane busy in the former seamstress' house. So after being stuck by pins and deciding on the neckline, finally, I took it off and got my hair did (yeah, that's right). Then after a quick trip to Joann's for sew in bra cups we all changed for the bachlorette party.

OK this is the details to pay attention to. It was an interesting night. So first we all got to Easton after a little delay due to someone forgetting to invite the FMIL and the other fiance refusing to let her be left at home (yeah! you go girl!) we parked and met up with the girls who weren't from our side of town. We went into Shadowbox Cabaret and went up to the balcony, where we had reserved seats..... And our waiter...... Get this..... Was my Ex.

AAAA. yes ladies and gentlemen... The guy I left so I could make Jake break up with his hag of a girlfriend date Jake was our server!!!!!! I went up and took my seat while he was taking drink orders from the other part of my group, I decided ignoring him was a great bad idea, so I waved and did the whole "oh hey sissy pants who cried when I broke up with him after 4 months of dating guy, how have you been. wow! it's been how long. whoa, time flies" *flash the engagement ring with a little inside smirk* (.... yeah the ring flash was petty and yes I felt awesome after doing it. ) The FMIL was sitting closer to him and heard him say to another waiter 'damn. well this is going to be interesting' in a snide tone (her words, not mine). Ha.

The night progressed with people other than him bringing out my food and drinks... and right before the show started they did all their announcements. Now everyone at the bachlorette party paid extra so the other fiance could get embarrassed on stage. so during the announcements they told whit that someone was here asking for her.... then proceeded to pull her on stage.
When she got up there they had her sit down on one of their chairs and out came.... you guessed it.... My Ex.... dressed in drag like Madonna singing 'like a virgin'.

I laughed then turned to FSIL, who knew my ex from college, once the lap dance started and said 'damn, I'm so glad this isn't my bachlorette party'..... Could you imagine. The one guy Jake would willingly beat into the ground (man, am I putting that nicely) giving me a lap dance at my bachlorette party. To say the least, no matter how much I like Shadowbox, we will not be going there for my B-party.

Anyway, the show was really good and we all met up with the twin's bachelor party to go to a bar on campus. It was fun and everyone had a really good time. Jake wasn't thrilled to hear about the Ex situation... But what can you do. I remember hearing mumbles about going back to Easton to teach someone respect at one point... But I was too drunk tipsy to pay much attention.

Sunday was a lazy day off eating bagels and drinking a lot of water.

All in all, even with the little bit of drama, I have to say the weekend was a success!

(Jake asked another guy to be in his wedding party. 3 down, 3 to go... That was sarcastic due to my frustration of this not being done yet... Boys. Why cant they make things easy?)

August 21, 2009

Friday's weekly check list

So this week has been interesting.

  • It started out with a vendor trying to talk me out of my date due to another client offering to pay full price (I'm working the military discount as much as I can and I'm not afraid). I said no and that was that.
  • My brother got dropped from the Highway Patrol Academy due to his grades. (yes, it's like he was in school with tests and class every day) So they offered him the chance to either step away or get 'fired'.... so he walked away. Now he's home jobless with a jobless wife and a 3 year old.... It's a good thing they're paid on their apartment until November. So if anyone has any job suggestions please let me know and I'll pass it on.
  • Now that my brother has no conflict with my wedding he is the only sibling out of both families that isn't in the wedding party... And everyone else is matched up... he'd be an odd ball on the boy's side... Plus I don't know if Jake wants to ask him, which is bad.... but they're not that close. I don't know what to do.

That's the bad...
The good:

  • I ordered bridesmaid dresses!
  • We booked a DJ and paid the deposit!
  • TOF is shaping up and being her sweet, listening, cool self again. That's awesome, by the way. She's been so rational and conscious of other people it's a breath of fresh air. lets hope she doesn't take a turn for the worse on her wedding day. I have faith in her.
  • My sister's hubby started law school today!
  • Project Runway started last night!
  • Jake let me sleep for 12 hours the other day!
  • I'm picking invitation wording then ordering the invites... so maybe tonight or tomorrow they'll be checked off my list!

For this weekend:

  • I'm getting my hair trial for TOF's wedding and maybe trying on my dress. (TOF has had dress woes. First she's a pixie so the hem had to come up from the waist due to beading on the bottom. The dress had 2 pleats on 1 side and only 1 on the other... so FGIL had to add a pleat to the dress after hemming the dress twice... I'm telling you TOF is only like 5'2"... and as of Wednesday the pleat wasn't done yet... Oh did I mention she has 5 layers of crinoline attached to the dress.... that all had to be hemmed twice?)
  • TOF's bachelorette party! We're going to shadow box and maybe something after! I'm really excited!

another thought for next week..... buying books for fall quarter. EWWW!

August 20, 2009

Thanksful Thursdays!

Happy Thursday!!

Today I'm thankful for:

  • Meetings with Vendors- I love the assurance that we're on the same page. Meeting tonight. Hopefully we will come to an understanding.
  • The Future Mr.- He loves me and I love that about him. We lazy'd around and slept all evening. I literally slept from 6-6. He slept, got up to help my sister (meaning her husband) move a 200lb glass 40 inch TV... then came back to kiss me good night. The boy knew I wasn't getting up any time soon, bless his heart. Hahaha.
  • Fake Jobs- I can't count my job as a real job... I maybe spend an hour a day actually doing anything. So there fore I plan my wedding, stalk on facebook, play online monopoly and blog.
  • Pogo.com's Online Monopoly- It's amazing.
  • Kiki Cat- Zeke loves cuddling in the morning. And following me around as I get dressed, blow dry my hair, change my clothes for the 2nd and 3rd time. snatch cupcakes for breakfast.... etc. And he just stares at me like he's bored out of his mind... but that's cat adoration for you.
  • Coach Bags- I've had mine for 1 1/2 years and it is the best, most durable bag I've ever owned... Yay Coach Outlet!

Did you make your thankful list today? You better go do it!

August 19, 2009

New Ideas

Let's call this Wednesday's Wedding Obsessions

So with the move to November has come many things.

  • I've come to appreciate long engagements
  • The support from everyone (even the other fiance) has been totally awesome.
  • I've found that people really do mean well... even if they are very pushy in their suggestions.
  • vendors are awesome in their adaptability (maybe minus 1 but I'll go into that after things get figured out).
  • Honeymoons start looking way better.
  • My style ideas are changing due to the season.... Which creates some issues.

My newest obsessions for my wedding are as followed:

Bells of Ireland...
I want them everywhere. first it was moss... now it's bells of Ireland. I'm almost afraid they're too spring-y to have in November.

with the fall/winter season feathers make me think of being warm... feather and fur evidently go in the same category for me... so my favorite idea right now is white ostrich feathers as escort cards. I'd clothes pin them to a ribbon board in a white vintage frame.

Navy blues with bright greens.
The girls are all wearing navy... and to make things pop I want the accent green to be, not quite lime, green. more rich than lime green.

ribbon pomanders...

So that's it for right now. Some of the obsessions will happen... others wont. We'll have to see. I'll update you on the vendor thing when I think it's appropriate... But you'll just love the situation... promise (note the sarcasm involved).
OHOHOH something that should also be here by the end of the week........ ready?

August 18, 2009

More to get off the 'To-do' list

hello my readers... if there are any of you out there. After going through my blog I realized that if there are some of you actually reading this stuff you must think I'm the most random person ever. I mean really. with all the side comments and stories that don't even relate to whats going on you must think I'm A.D.D. and psychotic. (No offense to those of you reading who may be afflicted with those attributes. or was that offensive to say its afflicted... I don't know and now I'm frustrated about trying to be P.C.)

Anyway. I things are settling down. I got the bridesmaid dresses ordered yesterday! Wahoo! what a HUGE worry to have taken out of my hands! they're all going to show up to Jake's house (oops I guess we should have used my bank card instead of his) in 8 weeks or less!!! Hopefully less so people can start getting them fitted correctly! I'm SO excited about them.

I'm emailing our potential DJ. We met with him a week before the date change fiasco started and loved him. Jake probably wouldn't put it that way... He'd talk about how professional his BOS equipment was and how he wanted the guys lap top... and other such manly comments. Anyway, I'm waiting for him to let me know if November 27th works... he asked about times so I'm wondering if he's putting the information in the books or checking on travel conflicts. With our luck it's travel conflicts and he wont be able to make it. Pray that's not true.. I hope I didn't just jinx myself.... damn.

Another thing that happened is I ordered a partial part of my bridesmaid's and flower girl's presents and Jake ordered his groomsman's presents. yay!

This Saturday FSIL, FMIL and I are having our hair trials for TOF's wedding. A daughter of FMIL's co-worker is going to do it. I don't know what I'm going to do yet... But I don't really need to do anything mind blowing cause it's not my wedding. yeah!

Also on Saturday... ready.... ready?! I'm going to try on my wedding dress!!! it's not anywhere near done but now that TOF dress is done and the girl coming to do our hair is getting her's altered by the future grandma-in-law.... It's going to be a wedding dress party. I don't know if FGIL has even started on it yet. She might be re-pining things. But I get to see my dress for the first time in 4 months! WHAT?! I know. It's been 4 months since I zipped that dress bag and put the beautiful thing in FGIL's car.

Lets, all together now, do a little happy dance!

August 17, 2009

The Weekend Recap... lookin' good!

This weekend was sweltering and busy! Friday night I don't even remember what I did.... Oh, my brother got out of the academy for the weekend so we chowed down at Cheese Burger in Paradise. Now to set the scene. I'm sitting at the table with Jake and my whole family. We're big and a little rowdy with Nephew being 3 and all... Jake all of a sudden notices a younger table staring at him and mean muggin' (glaring for those of you who are not up on my lingo I've adopted from the other fiance. lol). I didn't notice. I never do with those kinda of things. So we leave and go back to mi casa...

Saturday I wake up early to go buy fixings for fruit pizza (yum) and I wake up my sister and SH (sister's husband) so she can help me make said fruit pizza for TOF personal shower (lingerie shower). Then I go to meet the FSIL at Jake's mom's house so we can go help TOF's MOH set up for the shower. Everything went OK. After that we went back to the house and I went out for drinks and some chow with FMIL and FSIL. It was a lot of fun. we talked about rehearsal dinner and relayed the findings at the shower to FMIL. Jake went to a movie with his best bud who is getting ready to deploy at the end of this month. Then Jake and I sat and talked to FSIL while we dodged going to the party Twin and TOF were at... And spending the negative amount of money we had on a trip to Cedar Point with Jake's buddy, his fiance, and some random people we didn't know. Both groups were/are probably mad.... But oh well..

Yesterday was church, nap and spaghetti! We found out that the table of people mean muggin' at Cheese Burger in Paradise was TOF's dad's girlfriends daughter... She thought Jake was his twin (understandable) out with another girl and her family a mere 13 days before his wedding. She was corrected by TOF. This girl forgot the boys were twins.... The funniest story I've heard in a while...

P.S. I won an award!!!!!

I won this award from Brittany who blogs at Sweet, sassy and oh so classy. Thanks Brit!
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5. Each SS must post these rules on their blog.

My award goes to....
The New Mrs. @ The Newleyweds
Crystal @ The Story of Us
Life Loves Those Who Love Life @ A True Gemini

August 13, 2009

Thankful Thursdays!!!

Yaya! It's Thursday people! you know what that means!

I'm thankful for

  • Friends of my mom's that are Episcopal priests- when my current priest said he couldn't work with the new date I about flipped (see previous post). My mom's friend from the first church we ever went to in Ohio is thrilled about performing the ceremony! Yay!

  • Advising appointments- I went to one today that told me that if I want to take 12 credit hours a quarter this year I could and still graduate by summer quarter! Yay!

  • Cool family that lives far away but still tries to help with wedding stuff! Go bridal party team Boston!

  • Fiances that let you sleep through everything- last night I went over to Jake's mom's house to watch Star Wars (the one last one where Darth dies)... I slept through the end and he let me sleep until it was almost midnight. He didn't want me to be tired on the 15 min drive back to my house..... It's a bad habit of mine to use extra long blinks while driving after 11 pm.

  • Suckers at banks- They're so yummy. And I never feel bad taking more than 1.

  • Sad moms who don't want their baby getting married because 'it's too soon'. Love you mommy! I know I'm your baby and I know I'll never understand until I have kids of my own.

  • Calendars-I'd die without one.

What about you? Hows your list looking this week?

August 12, 2009

Five Hours of Hell

Have you ever had the feeling that the entire world was crashing down on you? Like because of one thing... One major thing, all the plans for the rest of your life were ruined? That's what yesterday was like for me. I wish I could Joke about it and say that I was being dramatic... But I don't think I was. I think my world shattered for a time and I was lost.

Let me explain.

Due to the deployment issue our wedding has been moved. Old news I know. Well after a week of discussion we decided Thanksgiving weekend was the best option. The Vault was booked every Saturday until the end of time except for November 21..... Which is when the OSU vs. Michigan game is. We couldn't choose that weekend because everyone on Jake's side is in town and huge fans. His Aunt is even the head of the OSU boosters department.

Now don't get me wrong. I love me some buckeyes. I'm a buckeye myself. I'm just not a sports fan. I've only been to 2 buckeye football games and I found it hard to pay attention due to the absence of commercials. It's just how I am. Give me hockey or lacrosse where the fights are illegal and people hit each other with sticks and I'm good... Not awesome, But I can stay with it.... Sit me down in front of a TV with a football, basketball, soccer ball, or anything of that nature and I sleep.... I'm not kidding. I fall asleep. I can sleep anywhere. So being in a stadium, not drunk, and watching a football game..... I did what comes naturally. I put my cute little head down on my handsome boyfriend (at the time)'s shoulder and pretended I was watching.... He knew, of course, what was going on and just let me go. I love him so much.

I digress.

So with all of our Saturdays taken due to my refusal to cater to people who would probably come to the ceremony drunk from the game....(thinking mostly of the groom's men) The only option for us was a Friday. Not just any Friday because I have family from all over the country. But Thanksgiving Friday... Yes, I'm aware I'm getting married on 'Black Friday'.... (think of the awesome anniversary presents I'd get every few years)

ANYWAY... man I'm A.D.D....

So in order to let everyone get into town in time to attend our wedding, spend time with family AND maybe get leisure time in before leaving again, we are good with November 27th, 2009.

My priest had another idea.

He emailed me saying he wasn't going to be available to do the service that day due to being out of town with family.... That's OK. I was fine until I called Jake. He's a 'no rash decisions in the heat of the moment' kind of guy.... I'm more of a 'doesn't work? OK find a plan B and fast' kinda girl. He told me 'don't get upset, babygurl', 'we'll sit down and work it out tonight', 'it's not the end of the world'.

Now, when you say that to someone who, by herself due to Army training, planned a wedding that was going to happen in March, who was on her A-game and getting everything done ahead of schedule... Who now has to pull everything together in 3-4 months with a smaller budget... But the same size guest list.... What is the reaction you expect? I was pissed. his calming method pisses me off normally just on its own. but pair it with stress and everything else..... I wasn't having it. 
I broke down....

That's right people. I was tearing up, not crying but dang close every time I opened my mouth, at work.... WHAT??? (Thank the Lord Jake was picking me up from work early) But anyway. I freaked out for a good 2.5 hours at work, telling my mom via text what was happening. She then saved the day. She called my priest and asked if the church was still available if we found a different priest to sub for him... given that they were of the right denomination.

He said YES!!! Awesome! So my mom called my old church and found out that my old priest was going on a cruise that weekend...  Then she called a guy who is in her Friday bible group that recently graduated from the seminary... I've known the guy since I was little and he's been kept up to date on everything through my parents. He was available and totally thrilled about the idea! SCORE! so Now I have a priest able to do the ceremony that I've known for ages. (We've only been going to my current church for about 2 years... and I've not been a very good church-goer) Mom's a lifesaver.... Cherry flavored!

So I'm set! Everyone please do a little happy dance for me.... Thanks!

Invites and bridesmaid dresses are getting ordered this weekend. Groom's men are getting asked today, hopefully. Gifts are getting ordered tonight.... We're getting the ball rolling.

p.s. My mom told me after we locked in the Priest that she would have called one other guy... Then called the Bishop of southern Ohio. He was my summer camp priest for quite a few years... And everyone who ever went to camp Procter called him 'Purple'.... It would have been so funny.... but very weird having a bishop marrying me.... Given he would have. Who knows. But it's still weird to think about.

August 11, 2009

My KIKI... Ezekiel the Destructor of Anyting Movable and in his way

OK, some back story. I use to have this cat named Malickie (pronounced like the bible book... not mal-licky). He was all white and bodacious. He had this little quirk about him. He had 21 toes.... That's right. Count 'em.

He was one of my sister's whore of a cat's babies (no kidding that she-cat had a littler of kittens 2-3 times a year for 8+ years) He was inbred, adorable and loving. We use to enjoy picnics on my bed of chicken nuggets and french fries, where I'd be eating happily and all of a sudden notice a huge white head in my face. He stared me down with his big blue eyes and twitchy tail telling me in his little surfer dude voice 'comon Ma' just gimme a piece of that awesomely tasty nugget'... and I always did. Then enter Jake.

He quickly adopted 'pop-sickle'. We were a family.
Then almost 3 years ago my brother called me telling me that Kie got hit by a car and was no longer with us..... I think I cried for the whole day. I don't really remember. I was devastated. A few weeks later, after the shock and loss started to turn into to a low ebb, my mom came into my room and told me to look on craigslist at something she found. The add was for mitten pawed kittens. I saw this little guy and fell in love.

He was the only black kiki in the balls of fur that were pictured. He was the exact opposite of my Kie, and there fore perfect. It was love at first sight. So Mom and I piled into the cat and drove to Dayton to see if it was true love. When we got there we were disgusted by the state of the kitten's house. It was a shotgun house in the run down part of town. There was ply board covering a broken window and dozens of stray cats running around. We went in to the house and were greeted warmly by the family. I was surprised to find 2 litters of kittens running around. evidently 2 of their cats produced at the same time. So after looking through the 14 kittens that were running around I finally got to see the little black one. He was a fighter and I knew I had to save him from that house. So we marked him and said we'd be back when they were 6-7 weeks old (we knew they couldn't be taken earlier than that even though the family was OK with sending them right then). 2 weeks later I got in the car with Jake and hid buddy Ryan to rescue 2 of the kittens (mom got a little, yellow manx kitten). It was touch and go due to both of them being malnourished (an ear sucking habit was formed due to that)... but we got them home.

Fast forward 2+ years (they turned 2 in June)....

So Over the years Zeke had adopted this habit of knocking things down.... pens, phones, hair dryers, lotion bottles. anything placed in his 'area' that is only defined by him...... it's been OK and pretty cute. Until this happened....

Yes that's right. I was showering and he was in the bathroom lounging like normal... when all of a sudden I heard this *SMMMMAAASHHH*

I had to yell for my mom to get him off the sink, where he was gloating, so he didn't jump down on to the glass.

Not shortly after that he decided it would be funny to be 'King Kong Kitty' and knock my nail polish off 'his dresser'... here's the boy in action.

Oh my little Kiki. what am I going to do with you.....

August 10, 2009

Dress Shopping

Bridesmaid dresses hit the back burner when the wedding was in March due to the long time I had to prep and find what I wanted. Now that the wedding is this November it was a little hectic.

So, last Thursday My sister, future sister-in-law (TOF), and best friend all went to a local bridal store to try on dresses. I felt bad because we were just looking to see if they could find dresses they liked so I could order them from Pearl's Place. The woman helping us was really awesome and the three girls picked dresses. Here they are:

I took BW (brother'swife) to find her dress on Sunday along with Jake's sister. 
So Jake's sister and my brother's wife found their dresses and they look like this (I didn't get a picture of Jake's sister in her dress, I was too excited about being done):
In the process of looking at all the dresses I have decided on going with a more navy color than having my sister in blue and the rest in green. With the dresses all being different it would just be too much. so the dresses will be These blues:

I am SOOOOO excited! (And I refuse to feel guilty that the wedding had to be moved and I have no money)

August 6, 2009

Thankful Thursdays!

So I've seen other's do this on their blogs and have been tempted... So here I am.

Things I'm thankful for:

  • My Fiance. He's the best thing that ever happened to me.

  • My Family. No one supports you more. No one is better at keeping you in check.... it's a wonderful thing.

  • Tote Bags. I mean really. Does anyone or anything else let you carry your ENTIRE life around with you? No. Tote bags = salvation!

  • Wood Floors. They're awesome, easy to clean and super cool. Nothing is better than watching grown animals slip and slide while their running on wood floors. Plus you can't put a rug down on carpet.....

  • Scanner guns at stores. yeah we started registering for stuff last night.... Jake got trigger happy, but it made the night a lot of fun!

So that's it for right now......

It's Thursday..... What are you thankful for???

August 4, 2009

Ooooh.... Awards

So because Mrs. EyeCanSee over at The Juice is Worth the Squeeze tagged me in Honest Scrap I'll oblige cause she's so freaking awesome... and my knot board mediator (its a scary title to one who is intimidated by authority. lol)

1. I am currently working in my sister's old student job. She worked in the position for 5 years while taking classes at OSU. Now I'm doing the same.... Oh and Dad is my supervisor. So I get away with a lot.

2. My entire life is held in 2 rooms of my house. My bedroom and my bathroom. All of the things that are considered mine are in those two rooms. When I was younger my family was told that if it was yours, you had to clean it up unless it was in your room or the bathroom... So I confined myself to those two rooms starting in high school so that when I heard 'Erin take this crap upstairs' I just reply 'None of its mine, Mom'.... and no one can argue, cause it's true.

3. I'm a shopaholic..... really. I have this issue where I cant go into a store with a purpose because I end up with at least one more thing.... Those impulse buys are what gets me. It's a good thing Jake is the exact opposite.

4. I have had 2 cats. One white, one black. Both with biblical names. Both with more toes than normal. Malickie (pronounced like the bible book.... i spelled it phonetically) had 24. 7 on each front foot and 5 on each back.... he was special. Ezekiel has 20. 6 on each front foot and 4 on each back.... What can I say.... I love freaks.

5. I use to be blond.... that's right... Blond hair, blue eyes... A straight up toe-head.

6. I have a tattoo... Just 1 for right now. My sister has one that matches... kinda. We got them 2 years apart and mine is on my right foot... Hers is on her left. So we make a pair.

7. My sister raised me. Mom and Dad were there, but Sis claimed I was 'her baby' right away. So she did everything but breast feed me. Mom was OK with supervising because she had my bro to deal with too... So my 6 year old sister was put in charge of a new born... People think it's weird... But for me it's normal.

8. I can read a book really fast. I'm talking for real. I can read a 380 page romance novel in 4 1/2 - 5 hours. I read the Divinci code in just under 6. I read the whole twilight series in 3 1/2 days (which included going to work every one of those days). I am planning on reading the harry potter series again and I'm estimating being done with that in 5-6 days.... Lets just say I've done a lot of reading over the past year.

9. I have a 3 octave vocal range (and growing)... Muahahaha.

10. I use to Scottish dance. Yep. For 14 years I danced with my sister. I always thought I was meant for the more generic dance styles like ballet and jazz... I'm really good at imitating them... But I've never trained in them. Only Scottish. It makes me sad because I think I had a lot of potential..... But oh well.

So there you go... 10 random facts about me.

I tag

Crystal @ The Story of Us
Toothfairynotes @ Notes from the Toothfairy

August 3, 2009

Oh the Joys of the Army

Well....... OK are you ready for the most stressful predicament ever? I'm not. But here we go.

Jake and his twin are in the army National Guard. They were sworn in by their old baseball coach, who is a General ....... Yeah, it was pretty cool. General knew that the boys wanted to be doctors, and that there was only one spot. Therefore he created a spot in the xray unit for Jake. (Josh signed his papers first) This has been a little thing for the boys all throughout their Army careers, so far. Now to give you some background. Jake's twin has been saying all along how he is going to do his 20 years and get pension. Jake has always said that he's not a lifer. Which is OK with me. I wasn't as keen on the enlisting idea in the beginning as TOF was. She's been surrounded by military lifers for forever.... Not me. I didn't trust the military (hmm... looking at that in retrospect.....). Now, the boys have discussed with the General about their plan of action. All along he told them ROTC was the way to go. They'd be able to sign up and do their schooling and not be deployed. I liked the sound of that. so they were planning on that all along.

This weekend, Jake's twin had drill... Jake hasn't in-processed yet. And at drill the unit got the deployment list. There were three spots for xray techs... 2 were filled. 1 was by Jake's twin.... Now if you'll remember, Jake hasn't signed back in for being done with his training. That means he's not able to be put on any list. Our thinking is that that 1 free spot has his name already penciled in.

What about the ROTC, you ask?

The unit leaders told Jake's twin when he told them he was signing papers to join that they were going to talk to the captain of the ROTC and tell him that his skills were too unique and they needed him on the deployment. Now, if his twin gets out of deployment..... There is NO way Jake will. We think the General can only do so much.

This means that one, or both of the boys will be deployed in April. And that they are going to find out their training orders on Wednesday. Their two options for training is 2 weeks in October.... Or 2 weeks in March in addition to the last week that is already scheduled....

That, my lovelies, means that 1 or both of the boys will be unavailable for the wedding.... which is not an option. Jake refuses to get married without his best man and twin brother.... and frankly I do too. It would crush both of them if it happened.

So needless to say we are changing our wedding date. I don't really know how to move from here and I cant really do anything until we find out what their training orders are. But I refuse to be married less than a month and have Jake shipped off....... I want as much time to be his wife before he leave as possible. If that means sacrificing some deposits or cutting lists, then I'm doing it.

We're discussing the option of a separate ceremony and reception. It's not my favorite idea, but the funds aren't all there if we don't get our deposits back. So today I'm reading over our contracts and I'm going to be making some phone calls over the next few days. Isn't it lovely though..... talk about stress. I think God may have thought I was holding a prayer vigil last night.

I'm stressed, but trying to keep it positive.