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August 11, 2009

My KIKI... Ezekiel the Destructor of Anyting Movable and in his way

OK, some back story. I use to have this cat named Malickie (pronounced like the bible book... not mal-licky). He was all white and bodacious. He had this little quirk about him. He had 21 toes.... That's right. Count 'em.

He was one of my sister's whore of a cat's babies (no kidding that she-cat had a littler of kittens 2-3 times a year for 8+ years) He was inbred, adorable and loving. We use to enjoy picnics on my bed of chicken nuggets and french fries, where I'd be eating happily and all of a sudden notice a huge white head in my face. He stared me down with his big blue eyes and twitchy tail telling me in his little surfer dude voice 'comon Ma' just gimme a piece of that awesomely tasty nugget'... and I always did. Then enter Jake.

He quickly adopted 'pop-sickle'. We were a family.
Then almost 3 years ago my brother called me telling me that Kie got hit by a car and was no longer with us..... I think I cried for the whole day. I don't really remember. I was devastated. A few weeks later, after the shock and loss started to turn into to a low ebb, my mom came into my room and told me to look on craigslist at something she found. The add was for mitten pawed kittens. I saw this little guy and fell in love.

He was the only black kiki in the balls of fur that were pictured. He was the exact opposite of my Kie, and there fore perfect. It was love at first sight. So Mom and I piled into the cat and drove to Dayton to see if it was true love. When we got there we were disgusted by the state of the kitten's house. It was a shotgun house in the run down part of town. There was ply board covering a broken window and dozens of stray cats running around. We went in to the house and were greeted warmly by the family. I was surprised to find 2 litters of kittens running around. evidently 2 of their cats produced at the same time. So after looking through the 14 kittens that were running around I finally got to see the little black one. He was a fighter and I knew I had to save him from that house. So we marked him and said we'd be back when they were 6-7 weeks old (we knew they couldn't be taken earlier than that even though the family was OK with sending them right then). 2 weeks later I got in the car with Jake and hid buddy Ryan to rescue 2 of the kittens (mom got a little, yellow manx kitten). It was touch and go due to both of them being malnourished (an ear sucking habit was formed due to that)... but we got them home.

Fast forward 2+ years (they turned 2 in June)....

So Over the years Zeke had adopted this habit of knocking things down.... pens, phones, hair dryers, lotion bottles. anything placed in his 'area' that is only defined by him...... it's been OK and pretty cute. Until this happened....

Yes that's right. I was showering and he was in the bathroom lounging like normal... when all of a sudden I heard this *SMMMMAAASHHH*

I had to yell for my mom to get him off the sink, where he was gloating, so he didn't jump down on to the glass.

Not shortly after that he decided it would be funny to be 'King Kong Kitty' and knock my nail polish off 'his dresser'... here's the boy in action.

Oh my little Kiki. what am I going to do with you.....

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