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July 21, 2009

Home, Sweet Home

That's right. The most adorable, caring, sweet, handsome man I've ever met is home. (my dad would hear this, thank me and get punched in his adorable beer gut that he lovingly calls a keg) But it's true. Jake is graduated from AIT. The year of separation is over. We have passed the test with flying colors.

here's a recap of the last year.
- Hating BD's because its the last place I ate with Jake before he left.
- Really bonding with TOF because both our men were thousands of miles away.
- The twin's mom moved into a new house.
- Traveling to Texas to see my love, not once, but twice.
- Getting engaged at Christmas. wrecking Jake's mom's car in the ice storm that happened on the way home.
- guessing hearing about Jake's dad's engagement Christmas day.... from Jake's aunt.
- The boys get transferred to DC.... so the trips home start. Yay!
- 1st non- community theatre show
- Losing bond with TOF because of no free time and my refusal to drink at juvenile parties.
- Starting Mary Kay!
- Bonding with other FSIL over Mary Kay stuff....
- Twin comes home and all chaos starts. The rudeness, the disregard for other people, the snarkey remarks.... the list can go on....
- Brother starts highway patrol academy
- Summer Musical! I get the female lead!
- Jake's graduation trip to DC with my parents.

Considerable trouble and considerable joy.

The weekend:
This weekend went OK. My parents, sister and I stayed with my aunt and uncle about 30 mins from downtown. It was really nice to get to spend real time with part of my family and my fiance. Every time Jake comes home we always ended up running around with his family trying to get him in to see everyone. So my family usually got the short end of the stick even though we usually stayed at my house (due to FMIL's new house being so small). So with Jake not being totally packed due to lack of boxes and an over abundance of food we had him back every night before 9 so he could clean and pack. We spent Saturday in museums. Sunday at monuments and Sunday night enduring the most uncomfortable dinner ever. FFIL brought his fiance (who hasn't been wearing her engagement ring). This started the buzz kill of a great weekend. Monday ended up being a mix of nerves for FFIL's stupidity, excitement for Jake coming home, and dread at going to work the next day.....

Today I'm exhausted. Emotionally and physically. Jake's family thrives on drama..... and its wears a person out.

So to finish this post, I leave you with a happy thought...

Jake told me on Sunday, while we were waking around in the museum of American history, that after we get my Italian greyhound (because I've been obsessed with the breed for the past 4 years) that he wants to get a big greyhound.... It made my little OCD heart flutter and I fell in love with him all over again. And as I totally embarrassed myself by almost crying at his suggestion, I was rewarded with a lot of PDA hugs and kisses. In my mind it was worth it. So we continued talking about appropriate names for fast, sleek dogs. and after my suggestion of Rupert got shot down with out any consideration (which is a totally adorable name for a little prancing puppy), I punched him in the arm......really hard.... and he laughed at me.

commence adorable pictures of future dog


Crystal said...

I like your new background. I want a cool one! I like that last picture. Soooo cute.

erin.patrice said...

UGGG i NEED that dog!