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July 22, 2009


Meeting with my florist tonight, then heading to a jewelery party hosted by my FMIL.

OK. So I am almost daily caught by the decision about my dress. I have it. There's nothing wrong with it.... Its just this problem I have. So the dress I bought has a high neck. Something I never dreamed of. And I honestly like the dress with it up.... AND down. In the store when I first tried it on the neck was awesome... But then the helper mentioned that I could have it removed if I wanted. So we stuffed the neckline down my top.... And I loved that too... And the rest of the day I was there it was tucked in......

So now that My FGIL (future grandmother in law) has it and is working on it prepping that the neck will be up.... I'm confused as to how I really want the neckline..... I like it both ways. I'm afraid of technical things with it being up... Like weird wrinkles in pictures, getting a red rash from it being on my neck... But all of that is little. (The rash thing can be prevented)..... Now I'm stuck with the 'is it too different? enough that everyone will either love it or hate it' question..... Because with the neckline down its a beautiful, more common, gown. With it up its more unique.

and I like it both ways! Do you see the circles I run around with this?! I've already changed the original brown velvet ribbon to a ivory one. I am not hemming the gown with the scalloped edge being kinda crazy... So I bought killer sexy blue heels that will hurt if I don't condition my feet.... but the hardest part for FGIL to change is the neckline.... it makes me want to pull my hair out. I don't know which I like more.

gimme some much needed advice.


soon to be mrs. said...

I like both.
which doesn't help I know.

neck up: Pro's:it is diffrent, but not so diffrent you will be wondering what you were thinking 20 years from now. And because you are getting married in a semi-chilly time of year it would look nice with the season.
Con's: You may find you are limited with your hair and jewelry options because the neck up is a strong statement in itself

Strapless: Pro:It is clean and classic. Just like you are (not to sound cheesy, but you have always liked classic things. You won't be limited on what jewlery you can wear or hair choices.
Con's: You may be pulling up your dress all night.

do you have accessories picked out?

Do you have a pair of earrings your heart is set on? if they are long and dangly then the strapless would be better, if they are just a set of pearls then the neck up would look awesome.

did this help at all or just make it worse?

soon to be mrs. said...

sorry to post again but I went back in to your blog and found the dress blog with pictures. and this caught my eye...

I put it on and after realizing that it was a high necked halter I saw it in the far mirror. It was really pretty. So I turned and stepped onto the little black step stool that Cinci bridal and formal has and saw this elegant line and beautiful bead work... Then after looking at it front and back, Cynthia told me that my seamstress could take the halter off and have it just be a strapless... We stuffed the neckline down my top and I saw it... It was my dress.

erin.patrice said...

aw damn.... thats right. hehehehe.