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July 23, 2009

Dear Mr. Obama

Please bare with me as I talk about politics.

You are our president and know all about them, while I hardly pay attention due to the horrible skew that happens whenever politics get covered in the news. My issue that I would like to bring to you attention concerns the health care reform. Please forgive me if I happen to get things mixed up or completely wrong. I've been finding it hard to get the truth from sources when it comes to my personal concerns. Please correct me if I'm wrong.... And since your really busy running the country, I wont be offended if you don't reply.

So my main concern has to do with the effects the reform will have on physicians and studying/hopeful med students. I'm concerned because my fiance is planning on starting the pre-med program at OSU (It's really a biology major because OSU doesn't have a pre-med program... But he's going to go to med school.... So I'll call it pre-med). Our concern is that with raising the taxes for practicing physicians/doctors, once it comes time to pay off student loans we will not be able to afford it. This possibility is something that makes me wonder if med school is even worth the debt we are going to acquire. In my eyes, it's a valid concern.

My other concern is that with the taxing is that it will create a shortage in medical help. It's not any surprise that some students choose the medical field due to the high salaries that are possible. In a job that is already is high demand (nurses, doctors, techs due to the baby boomers getting old) will we see a decrease in students actually sticking with their majors? Will the out processing of less doctors cause a shortage?

Due to the taxing I'm also concerned that the doctors that do practice will start taking on patients whose problems are outside of their speciality so they can charge them. I've heard of orthodontics having issues from my FMIL (who works in an orthodontic surgeon's office) where general dentists have treated more serious patients issues and, if you'll excuse my language Mr. President, f----ed them up...causing the patients to have to pay more to have the issue corrected.

I agree that drug and insurance companies are a big issue. I understand that everyone should be provided with proper health care... but this step makes me afraid that soon what moves we make with the medical field will spill over into the other parts of life. I'm afraid we'll become more of a socialist nation, when for so long we have fought communism..... (if I'm incorrect in that Mr. President, please let me know. I didn't do well in my high school government class.)

So even though I don't like the idea of being poorer.... I also don't like the idea of taking away the hope and opportunity of bettering our lives. That's what America was based on, right? The hope to do better than before.... The opportunity.

Little old me

P.S. I really have no idea the names of government types. So sorry if I was wrong. I tried checking.... But we all know how unreliable general sources are. Stupid wikipedia that allows the public to edit articles without checking them first.... Could you check on that today while your in the oval office. It would be much appreciated. I'm kinda tired of being told its not a valid source for papers I want to finish fast, due to not giving a sh-t.

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