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July 1, 2009

Dear Hair,

I will triumph.
I'm not going to cut you for a very long time now.
You have been misbehaving.
Therefore, Drastic times call for drastic measures.
I do not want to go as far as using extensions for the wedding day. But you have been warned.
For now I will attack with vitamins and water.
The next step is to find shampoo and conditioner that will make you grow and be healthy, shiny, and fly-away free.
So the goal is to get my hair to grow and be healthy. these are my habits and hair style.

Hair color: medium/dark brown. dye occasionally

Length: 2 inches past collar bone

Thickness: medium/thin... but a lot
Texture: straight with very slight wave
Last cut: June someting
Products in use: David babii wildaid hydration


1. Wash every morning, light shampoo (no lathering), heavy conditioner with comb finish, rinse, in shower deep treatment every 10 or so days.
2. when wet use wide toothed comb.

3. add quarter size anti-snap.

4. spray heat treatment.

5. light warm blow dry until 80% dry.

6. style bangs, fix weird wavy spots.

I cant wash every other day due to the fine-ness of my hair and the greasy tendencies. So any suggestions will be awesome.
My hair tends to have a lot of breakage but I almost always wear it down.
So that little occurrence is a bafflement to me.
It tangles when there are split ends. I touch it a lot... but mostly the underside. (sounds kinky... its not) So I'm on a search for better hair products and styling fixings. I'm almost tempted to get a hair straightener at this point. My hair was awesome when I used it in high school. and back then I had no idea I killed my hair when I used it.
So the search is on.

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