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July 30, 2009

Engagement Pictures.... Check!

OK. So yesterday, after freaking out about the weather amongst the sprinkling rain, Jake, Photographer and I went wandering around the arena district looking for awesome places to take some pictures. I was first dressed in a hot little blue cocktail dress, belt, cropped black sweater and patent mary-jane heels. Jake was in black dress pants and a blue and white striped (he's a stripe kinda guy... You'd never guess how many time I hear 'look baby girl. pinstriped. I'd look like a pimp' in a totally pumped/serious voice) button up. Scrumptious. We walked down brick streets holding hands and playing with an umbrella. It was fun....

Then we changed into more casual outfits in a Starbucks and headed over to North Bank Park.... WHY DID I NOT GO LOOK THERE BEFORE NOW???? My heart melted with the downtown Columbus skyline and rustic railroad bridges and river... We took a lot of pictures. Some of them funny. It took 2 hours exactly to cover about 2 blocks. I know I'm going to love them. I hope you will too. I'll post some with in the next 3-4 weeks when I get them back. (Hopefully she can help with some of the fly aways caused by the humidity that hit around 3:00pm. It was bad.)

July 28, 2009

Budget Woes

SOOOOooooooo.Fiance and I had our first real budget discussion. The whole thing started a while ago. FH and I have this bad habit of suggesting crazy things, like eloping, when our families get to be too much. This has been going on since day one of our relationship engagement. So it was no biggie when FH asked if we could just run away. All of a sudden money got brought into the reasoning for running away to get married. I brought up New York's growing popularity for eloping... bad idea. It seems unbeknownst to me, he grabbed on to the idea with both hands. His mention on expenses became more frequent. All of a sudden he starts talking about how he thinks weddings are a rip off and that no one ever stays within their budget.... Now knowing that I've been planning this all while he was gone, I knew he wouldn't be happy to know that we were probably going to go over budget by anywhere from $500-1000. I've been the one doing the research and calls.... not him. I know when I'm getting a deal and when things are over priced.

So when I was on my way to my friends bridal shower, I received an interesting phone call that went like this.
me-'Hey, baby love.'
him- 'Hey.... So I was talking to my mom and I mentioned the idea of a destination wedding and she's all for it. She was talking England or Scotland. But she's OK with it'
me- '...........What? OK. That's pretty cool of her. Ugggg I totally want to go to Europe. Oh well.' *laugh* 'I love you'
him-'So lets do it.'
me- 'What?' *laugh* 'OK, lets run away'
him- 'Yeah, but we cold do some research and see if we could do it'
me-'What? For real? Do you know how much money in deposits we would never see again. No baby, we cant.'

This is where his attitude came in.... Imagine passively angry and depressed sounding.... That's him to a tee.

him-'I thought you'd be proud of me.'....... *Oh, a blow right to the pompous*
me-'Baby....... I am. It's very cool that your mom was open to the idea. But I want all of my family there and they just cant afford to take a trip like that. Plus we'd be losing almost $2000 in deposits that would count against us.... That's a lot.'
him-'I just thought you'd like to have an option'
me-'If this had come up 6 months ago... Yes. But as of right now we just cant.'
him- *defeated* 'OK, well I just thought it was something you'd like'
me- 'Baby.... When we talked about eloping and running away before, I thought it was just normal lovey talk.... Not that you were serious.'
him- 'Well, maybe I was... I thought you were.' *ug he kills me*
me-'Oh love..... I just think our losses are bigger than our gain in this. I'm sorry. But good job talking to your mom. I wish you would have talked to me first and we could have talked to her together.... Like 6 months ago..'

Then I proceeded to feel like he was angry.... He claims he wasn't/isn't

The next thing I knew my sister started asking me about our budget. Now with my thinking I'm not including anything that people are paying for in our budget. I didn't add my dress because I paid for it myself. I didn't add the church because my Gram left me money specifically for that when she died.... I haven't been counting the bar because future in-laws were paying $3000 towards it..... I didn't know there were rules when it comes to wedding budgeting. I've never done it before..... My bad.

So we've been WAY off.... Like now our budget has to get changed from $10000.00 to $14000.00........ I went over all the prices with Jake so he could see the things we really got a deal on..... But I still felt that after the whole running away disaster discussion, that he was disappointed in me. Truly disappointed. So I freaked. I was on the edge of tears..... which for me is big. Then I decided that I've been doing a realllllly good job at getting deals and compromising certain things for the sake of the budget.

And that's where I stand. I'm doing a good job of getting things for the cheapest with the best quality. I'm cutting corners and doing pretty damn good. I could have ignored my gut and splurged on certain things that I knew I wanted. I could have calmed the nerves I have about certain vendors by going with someone with someone more expensive..... But I didn't. I'm trying really hard and I should get some credit...

So now that I'm getting wound up. Poo on that Jake. I'm doing the best I can.

July 27, 2009

DJ and Pictures All in One Week

Who remembers what capitalization rules apply to what... Not me obviously.

OK so tonight Jake and I are meeting with a DJ from Capital City Sound to see how we like they're set up. I have no idea what we're looking for. So we'll see how this goes. Any pointers would be appreciated. But I'm excited.

The meeting with the florist went awesome. I guessed my budget would be maybe 750.... and she said 650 would be just fine. Yay. Go team flowers!

Our pictures are scheduled to be on Wednesday..... But the weather is supposed to be scattered thunder storms with a high of 74 degrees...... CRAP. I wonder what we're supposed to do? Oh well. I emailed Brittany, so we'll see.

So this weekend was good. The Quad (me, fiance, fiance's twin and fiance's twin's fiance.... hahahaha) all went to a friends house to help her celebrate her 21st birthday. prior to starting the late night events it was an all girls evening with a 'toy' party and awesome snacks. I was a little out of my element.... But the games were fun! So once the boys joined us and the party started it was a generally good night...... until a table got broken by someone who wasn't really invited over.... Then things got thrown and people talked trash. It was interesting. There was almost a fight. Some people didn't stick up for their friends, and as soon as trouble was near they bolted. Jake and I stayed up until 4 waiting to make sure everything was calmed down and settled. It was exhausting to say the least.

Saturday, after waking up at the butt-crack of.... morning, Jake and I headed to our separate homes. I went o a bridal shower that I was forced to leave. I was bummed. The games were fun. The food was awesome. And the bride was adorable. It was polka-dot themed so everyone was dressed appropriately. And I had to leave before the presents started. I then drove back to Dublin to pick up Jake, who got left behind because I was told to be at the house by 4.... when really we were supposed to leave the house by 4... and drive 45 mins to a party with all Jake's mom's co-workers. It was fine. We talked weddings and played volleyball. I actually held my own. (this coming from a girl who opted for independent study gym because at the time I was too fit for the required heart monitor to help unless I sprinted across the gym all class period. Did I mention I was a dancer.... And running requires the complete opposite muscles so therefore I was constantly in pain.... And failing my gym class....) Needless to say I'm not a team sport player. But it was fun.

Then yesterday Jake and I went to look at a car his Gram found. It was nice, but not our style... it was a Buick Le Sabre. It was nice.... but I said it was a hell of a deal, but if it were just up to me, I would say no. So Jake said no. He wants a Honda civic. So we're still looking. (damn it)

But that was my weekend. It was nice. I love my fiance and I just hope the picture situation will work out.

July 23, 2009

Dear Mr. Obama

Please bare with me as I talk about politics.

You are our president and know all about them, while I hardly pay attention due to the horrible skew that happens whenever politics get covered in the news. My issue that I would like to bring to you attention concerns the health care reform. Please forgive me if I happen to get things mixed up or completely wrong. I've been finding it hard to get the truth from sources when it comes to my personal concerns. Please correct me if I'm wrong.... And since your really busy running the country, I wont be offended if you don't reply.

So my main concern has to do with the effects the reform will have on physicians and studying/hopeful med students. I'm concerned because my fiance is planning on starting the pre-med program at OSU (It's really a biology major because OSU doesn't have a pre-med program... But he's going to go to med school.... So I'll call it pre-med). Our concern is that with raising the taxes for practicing physicians/doctors, once it comes time to pay off student loans we will not be able to afford it. This possibility is something that makes me wonder if med school is even worth the debt we are going to acquire. In my eyes, it's a valid concern.

My other concern is that with the taxing is that it will create a shortage in medical help. It's not any surprise that some students choose the medical field due to the high salaries that are possible. In a job that is already is high demand (nurses, doctors, techs due to the baby boomers getting old) will we see a decrease in students actually sticking with their majors? Will the out processing of less doctors cause a shortage?

Due to the taxing I'm also concerned that the doctors that do practice will start taking on patients whose problems are outside of their speciality so they can charge them. I've heard of orthodontics having issues from my FMIL (who works in an orthodontic surgeon's office) where general dentists have treated more serious patients issues and, if you'll excuse my language Mr. President, f----ed them up...causing the patients to have to pay more to have the issue corrected.

I agree that drug and insurance companies are a big issue. I understand that everyone should be provided with proper health care... but this step makes me afraid that soon what moves we make with the medical field will spill over into the other parts of life. I'm afraid we'll become more of a socialist nation, when for so long we have fought communism..... (if I'm incorrect in that Mr. President, please let me know. I didn't do well in my high school government class.)

So even though I don't like the idea of being poorer.... I also don't like the idea of taking away the hope and opportunity of bettering our lives. That's what America was based on, right? The hope to do better than before.... The opportunity.

Little old me

P.S. I really have no idea the names of government types. So sorry if I was wrong. I tried checking.... But we all know how unreliable general sources are. Stupid wikipedia that allows the public to edit articles without checking them first.... Could you check on that today while your in the oval office. It would be much appreciated. I'm kinda tired of being told its not a valid source for papers I want to finish fast, due to not giving a sh-t.

July 22, 2009


Meeting with my florist tonight, then heading to a jewelery party hosted by my FMIL.

OK. So I am almost daily caught by the decision about my dress. I have it. There's nothing wrong with it.... Its just this problem I have. So the dress I bought has a high neck. Something I never dreamed of. And I honestly like the dress with it up.... AND down. In the store when I first tried it on the neck was awesome... But then the helper mentioned that I could have it removed if I wanted. So we stuffed the neckline down my top.... And I loved that too... And the rest of the day I was there it was tucked in......

So now that My FGIL (future grandmother in law) has it and is working on it prepping that the neck will be up.... I'm confused as to how I really want the neckline..... I like it both ways. I'm afraid of technical things with it being up... Like weird wrinkles in pictures, getting a red rash from it being on my neck... But all of that is little. (The rash thing can be prevented)..... Now I'm stuck with the 'is it too different? enough that everyone will either love it or hate it' question..... Because with the neckline down its a beautiful, more common, gown. With it up its more unique.

and I like it both ways! Do you see the circles I run around with this?! I've already changed the original brown velvet ribbon to a ivory one. I am not hemming the gown with the scalloped edge being kinda crazy... So I bought killer sexy blue heels that will hurt if I don't condition my feet.... but the hardest part for FGIL to change is the neckline.... it makes me want to pull my hair out. I don't know which I like more.

gimme some much needed advice.

July 21, 2009

Home, Sweet Home

That's right. The most adorable, caring, sweet, handsome man I've ever met is home. (my dad would hear this, thank me and get punched in his adorable beer gut that he lovingly calls a keg) But it's true. Jake is graduated from AIT. The year of separation is over. We have passed the test with flying colors.

here's a recap of the last year.
- Hating BD's because its the last place I ate with Jake before he left.
- Really bonding with TOF because both our men were thousands of miles away.
- The twin's mom moved into a new house.
- Traveling to Texas to see my love, not once, but twice.
- Getting engaged at Christmas. wrecking Jake's mom's car in the ice storm that happened on the way home.
- guessing hearing about Jake's dad's engagement Christmas day.... from Jake's aunt.
- The boys get transferred to DC.... so the trips home start. Yay!
- 1st non- community theatre show
- Losing bond with TOF because of no free time and my refusal to drink at juvenile parties.
- Starting Mary Kay!
- Bonding with other FSIL over Mary Kay stuff....
- Twin comes home and all chaos starts. The rudeness, the disregard for other people, the snarkey remarks.... the list can go on....
- Brother starts highway patrol academy
- Summer Musical! I get the female lead!
- Jake's graduation trip to DC with my parents.

Considerable trouble and considerable joy.

The weekend:
This weekend went OK. My parents, sister and I stayed with my aunt and uncle about 30 mins from downtown. It was really nice to get to spend real time with part of my family and my fiance. Every time Jake comes home we always ended up running around with his family trying to get him in to see everyone. So my family usually got the short end of the stick even though we usually stayed at my house (due to FMIL's new house being so small). So with Jake not being totally packed due to lack of boxes and an over abundance of food we had him back every night before 9 so he could clean and pack. We spent Saturday in museums. Sunday at monuments and Sunday night enduring the most uncomfortable dinner ever. FFIL brought his fiance (who hasn't been wearing her engagement ring). This started the buzz kill of a great weekend. Monday ended up being a mix of nerves for FFIL's stupidity, excitement for Jake coming home, and dread at going to work the next day.....

Today I'm exhausted. Emotionally and physically. Jake's family thrives on drama..... and its wears a person out.

So to finish this post, I leave you with a happy thought...

Jake told me on Sunday, while we were waking around in the museum of American history, that after we get my Italian greyhound (because I've been obsessed with the breed for the past 4 years) that he wants to get a big greyhound.... It made my little OCD heart flutter and I fell in love with him all over again. And as I totally embarrassed myself by almost crying at his suggestion, I was rewarded with a lot of PDA hugs and kisses. In my mind it was worth it. So we continued talking about appropriate names for fast, sleek dogs. and after my suggestion of Rupert got shot down with out any consideration (which is a totally adorable name for a little prancing puppy), I punched him in the arm......really hard.... and he laughed at me.

commence adorable pictures of future dog

July 15, 2009

New Favors

So with the new elegant inside garden type of theme (That I still need a name for) shreds the old easy favor idea. so now I'm looking to do maybe a candy buffet. (only blue and green with 1-2 black and white filled jars)

what do you think? other possibilities = little honey pots (Jake doesn't like this one)

or little pots of herbs and wild flowers (Jake doesn't want to water these so he wants a bulk supplier, if there is such a thing).

and the newest idea- flower seed packets!


July 14, 2009

Shows over, folks!

Yes its sadly true. Big river is over. I was astounded by all the support from my family and friends. So this is my review of my first role since high school.

Auditioning was awful. I've never been so critical of my voice or actions. I was so nervous and worried about how things would go. Afterward I was self conscious and shy. I knew I didn't do as well as I have before. or could have. I forgot some of the lyrics. I almost cried (granted it was a sad song)

I got the part I wanted. I was very excited, but I wanted a little reassurance. I didn't know if I really deserved the part. I felt that my acting was sub-par. but support from other cast members made me re-think.

The first Rehearsal was hard. I was more nervous than anything ever. I flubbed on my lines with the book right in front of me. I was shivering from my adrenalin and more worried about the director regretting her choice than anything. It took longer than necessary to memorize my 15 lines due to there being so few and i didn't have very much help. But I got them by tech week. Things got more relaxed and my nerves stilled.

Tech week I was a running mess. I was always late getting my hair, makeup, costume done. but i was there. I wasn't feeling great. I was so worried about getting sick I was obsessing. I didn't want the director to think I got sick before performances. That would suck.

For the show my nerves seemed to take a vacation. Every time before I went on there was a shadow of nerves but it was followed by feeling tired and sluggish. Weird, I know. But it got me through my scenes. My voice was strong and my lines were always there. I tried to act as best I could. I think my accent was all that got me through. But I had an awesome time. I did it. Maybe the nerves wont be so bad next time.

July 7, 2009

Utter and Complete Dissapointment

So Jake and I went to pick up the invites we chose from Michael's on Saturday.... I was amped. But when I opened them disappointment was all I felt. The reply envelopes were see-thru, the black folds rub off on the white inside and the paper used was not what was pictured... and it would cost a lot to line both AND get them printed... I pretended to love them but every time I opened them I didn't more and more... So yesterday we agreed to returned them.

I don't know what to do. I don't know where to look. I don't know how to fix it. So today I'm looking at websites (Michael's, target, walmart and invite websites) Trying to find out a solution that would be just as cost efficient. But I don't know if we'll find anything that fits the theme and colors so perfectly.

I feel like my fam is going to do some 'Erin don't be so picky... they're just invites' comments... but I'm totally not as happy with them as I though I was going to be....

There's nothing worse than going back on your word.... even when it was just me saying that these invites were 'it'.

What to do, what to do.....


OK so that was this morning. This is now. Lets recap.

Michael's invites = cheap... but cheap. liked them less and less every time I looked at them.

solution = looking around.
So far I've found The American Wedding. the options I like are now up on the planning bio. check them out and tell me which ones you like the best.... They range from .99 to 1.09... Invites only. I'd still need response cards, but I think that's it. (There are so many other card options like reception cards and direction cards and thank you cards... I cant even fathom the options.)

July 2, 2009

Lets Name My Theme

Yay. I can finally admit that my wedding has a theme... I need name suggestions for it....

Now just imagine this.
Wood.... boxes, initials
Moss.... in boxes, under lanterns, on pomadores, held by children running down the isle crying...
black and white damask... accenting invites, monograms, menu, programs
Blue/jade.... pretty ribbons, adorable shoes, tables, fresh flowers

Kinda an indoor vintage glam garden setting..... get the idea? check out the planning bio if not. let me know what you think.

Now, on yo find mossy things to purchase on etsy.com! LOVE IT

Also... I want some blog suggestions. So suggest me some interesting and funny blogs to follow.

July 1, 2009

Dear Hair,

I will triumph.
I'm not going to cut you for a very long time now.
You have been misbehaving.
Therefore, Drastic times call for drastic measures.
I do not want to go as far as using extensions for the wedding day. But you have been warned.
For now I will attack with vitamins and water.
The next step is to find shampoo and conditioner that will make you grow and be healthy, shiny, and fly-away free.
So the goal is to get my hair to grow and be healthy. these are my habits and hair style.

Hair color: medium/dark brown. dye occasionally

Length: 2 inches past collar bone

Thickness: medium/thin... but a lot
Texture: straight with very slight wave
Last cut: June someting
Products in use: David babii wildaid hydration


1. Wash every morning, light shampoo (no lathering), heavy conditioner with comb finish, rinse, in shower deep treatment every 10 or so days.
2. when wet use wide toothed comb.

3. add quarter size anti-snap.

4. spray heat treatment.

5. light warm blow dry until 80% dry.

6. style bangs, fix weird wavy spots.

I cant wash every other day due to the fine-ness of my hair and the greasy tendencies. So any suggestions will be awesome.
My hair tends to have a lot of breakage but I almost always wear it down.
So that little occurrence is a bafflement to me.
It tangles when there are split ends. I touch it a lot... but mostly the underside. (sounds kinky... its not) So I'm on a search for better hair products and styling fixings. I'm almost tempted to get a hair straightener at this point. My hair was awesome when I used it in high school. and back then I had no idea I killed my hair when I used it.
So the search is on.