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June 22, 2009

What a Weekend!

Well this weekend was a perfect fit for the stressful week I had. TOF's bridal shower was on Saturday.

It is so interesting to see the different life styles and choices that people and families make. I never realized how different whit and I were until this weekend. Not that its a bad thing, because it's not. But we're just really different. It'll be interesting to see her grow as a woman and a wife in the next few years. 


Jake came home this weekend as well. It was a crazy weekend, like they always are..... but I feel it was more relaxed than it has been. while I was at the shower Jake's dad came down from the lake and fished with the twins. Jake got to hang out with his best friend who is deploying in July. We had Sunday brunch with my dad and my brother, who was home for the weekend from the police academy.... So it was a good weekend.

My bridesmaids are going this week/weekend to try on different dress styles! I am so excited we're getting things done.

Wedding to do list:
-email photographer for e-pic session date
-find DJ
-look into HM info
-find wedding rings
-find ideas for bridesmaid gifts
-$300 to finish off vault payments
-$ to caterer
-$ to photographer
-start on center pieces and escort card boxes

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