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June 2, 2009

Appartment Searching

Well, June means it's almost July. Which means Jake will be home soon. So with that Jake and I have started the search for a place. Jake will be living alone until the wedding, and isn't too happy about it. But I figure at least we'll we in the same city... which is way better than being in the same state.... Which is 100% better than being in different states.

So we're looking for someplace with 2 bedrooms. Jake's OK with a town home or an apartment. I would like it to be either in the Hilliard area or in Grandview. Or just someplace where traffic isn't too bad and we can get to campus really easy. I would prefer to not live on or right off of Sawmill, but if we have to then that's OK. We have a cat and want to get a puppy in April of next year. (yes, right after the wedding) And we're hoping for a place in the 600 range.

But we have a bunch of furniture. This is our list per room
Living room:
couch (big L shaped green thing that we both love)
2 overstuffed chairs (we probably wont be able to keep both...and that's what craigslist is for)
entertainment center
34 inch TV (or bigger. its not a flat screen so its heavy)
DVD player
coffee table
DVD shelf

guest room/office:
2 computer desks (he has one and i have one...)
2 desktop computers (for the desks... and yes we're keeping both computers)
2 computer desk chairs
wood framed chair

bed (its mine but we're going to get a new one and leave mine for my parents)
floor lamp
13 inch TV (yeah I'm cool)
ceder chest

Kitchen/dining room:
Table and 4 chairs

Anyway. So if anyone can recommend places please let me know.

This is probably the one thing we've actually kinda fought about recently. It's weird. it was the whole town home v. apartment thing. It's getting stressful.

Wedding Update:
I'm trying to get all my shit together so I can try my dress on with my veil and a pair of shoes. I'm taking Big Sis' dancing shoes to be my first test. I don't think the heels are high enough.

This paycheck's buy will hopefully be either the invites or the catering deposit... if mom and dad can't cover it. Hopefully I wont have to worry about it.

Did everyone love the thunderstorm last night? It put me to sleep when I was supposed to be typing a paper. I know, I know... Bad form.

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Crystal said...

Overstuffed chairs are what your sister and brother-in-law are for too. :)))))