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May 20, 2009

Writing Papers and Having Dreams About Jim Carey... What?!

So, with the end of the quarter approaching. (2 weeks! Hells yeah!) I found myself reading a textbook furiousally trying to write a 5 page paper by this morning. I'm cool like that. Yeah procrastination is my middle name. So if you want to know anything about Eros and sports, ask away... Everything is still fresh.

My next topic, like those of other blogs I have read recently is about dreams.

A few nights ago I had a dream that I was the girl from the Jonas brother's show... You know the girl 'friend' that is secretly in love with every one of the guys... Only I was more of a manager for the boys. So anyway, in this dream I was traveling to California with Jake's mom in order to get Jim Carey to sign as a producer (yes I know I went from music to movies... but this is my dream here). So I went to his house, which was across a wooden bridge that was pretty cool. He greeted me in a way that suggests we were very comfortable with each other, suggesting a previous relationship.... weird. So anyway he was there with his girlfriend's kids who were swimming in his pool. We chatted and laughed about things I cant put my finger on.... at this point Jim carey and Jake kinda smushed together in that weird way that dreams do. So then we went for a walk around his wilderness thatwas around his house and met up with some friends from high school and then they (all being boys) went to hunt this wolf that followed us.... WHAT?!

So lets recap in pictures
+ -->
+ -->
= WTF?

Oh, I don't know! So for the past few days I've been trying to figure out what Jim Carey's girlfriends name is... Still don't know. I do know that their aiming to be the next Goldie Hawn and Curt Russel.


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Brook said...

Isn't he dating Jenny McCarthy?

erin.patrice said...

YEAH thats it! Jenny McCarthy! 2 points for you! Hahaha