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May 29, 2009

Wedding buy

OK. So my newest decision is that for every paycheck I get, I'm going to purchase one thing for the wedding...

5-22's paycheck buy = glassine bags for birdseed!

still needed: monogram stickers and tags


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soon to be mrs. said...

Cake review...
Ok so I went to Golden Delight Bakery today and I wasn't really impressed. Their famous fresh strawberry cake wasn't anything ground breaking. I mean it was good but it was cake. I am not sure how many people you are inviting but we priced out a cake to feed 165 people and it was over $400.00 for just a regular flavor and over $500.00 for their fresh strawberry cake. If we would have gone with them we would had to have gotten a smaller cake for about 80 people and then a a sheet cake that also feeds 80 people and that was still almost $400.00. I thought the lady there too was kind of pushy. She really wanted us to sch. an appointment in the middle of the week at 2:00, or just buy it right out.
So we decided to go with Giant Eagle. We got a 3 tier cake that feeds 154 people and then half a sheet cake that feeds 30 for about $313.00. Which a lot more budget friendly for us. The cake is really moist and simple.

I hope this helps! I know this is really long winded. So I will leave you to ponder... lol. Talk to you soon.