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May 26, 2009

Summer Events

So, this past long weekend was spent relaxing for the most part. 
Other than the musical auditions that I went to Saturday morning, the cooking and organizing for the MK party at my sister's and the MK facial party itself. I haven't had that relaxing of a weekend in a very loooooong time.

Saturday I had an audition for the summer musical, Big River

My audition went great! 
I sang 'I Won't Mind', which is a song from Audra McDonald's CD How Glory Goes. 
Its a beautiful song from a show that never made it into production called 'The Other Franklin'. 

With my spring cold that I had the week prior to the audition I sang this very beautiful song hoping I could, at least, do it some justice. 
I sang and battled my awful nerves. I was a little wooden due to forgetting 2 words in the beginning, but I recovered pretty well. After that embarrassment I just tried to get through the song. 

My sister said that while it did sound like I was sick., it was pretty. I got a lot of positive comments from other people there who were auditioning that I've known for a long time.

 I found out last night, around 11:00pm, that I got the part I wanted. It's the biggest girl part with vocals!

The show is Big River and the cast is predominantly male, but I don't mind. (no pun intended)

I'm so excited!

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