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May 8, 2009

Stand Still

Grama passed away. There has been an amazing array of emotions that have come with it. The time that we spent with her before she passed was well spent.

While we saw her slowly fade we were blessed with her sharp mind until the end. I, personally, chose to stay away toward the end. I wanted my memory of Grama to be of a frail but substantial old lady. It was a little selfish of me, but I don't regret my choice. Now we are into the memorial service planning. It hasn't been a fun trip. no one really knows what to do or expect having not done this 'or real'. We're trying to get the house under control with the in-flow of Grama's furniture. Every one's had a few days off to help out. Not me though. I had 2 midterms this week.... I'll tell you though... I'd rather have had the week off.

But things are starting to feel more like a house rather than an over flowing storage unit. mom's firmly established in her new office/scrap booking/sewing room (my old room... which was really my brother's old room... which was originally my room). It looks nice and very roomy. My old room (the tiny one) is now turning into a guest bedroom. My brother's family still have quite a few boxes in it, but i have more will power than they do to get crap out. lol. My new room is starting to feel like home (for the whole 10 months I'm going to be in it). it is also slowly shrinking due to Jake's tubs of clothes and Mary Kay stuff that seems to be steadily growing.

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