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May 11, 2009

NWR : Mary Kay

OK, so for the past month I've been building up my new investment. Mary Kay. yeah, I never... I mean NEVER, though I'd be selling anything to anyone and really enjoy it. It's not just about sales. I'm so excited about the opportunity I've been given. I mean right now I'm just selling MK as an after work thing. But I cant help but be excited that I plan on continuing. I'm very nervous about graduating next year and finding a real job. The one that I'm in now isn't really a job... I take maybe an hour out of my day and do what I'm supposed to. It's going to be hard going from hat to a real job where I can be fired for real. So I see MK as an opportunity where I'll be able to sell the products and not worry about my next job... I could, technically, wait until my dream job opens up or I get the loan for the studio and sell MK in the mean time and after. It's just a mind and determination over matter thing. I never have to worry about a job ever again because women always buy skin care products and makeup...

I also feel really good that I'll be pulling in an income that is mine. I have this big issue with using Jake's money for my own things. I know that it will be a while until I get used to the idea of 'our money' instead of 'my money' but I'm afraid I'll never get over the pinching guilt I feel whenever Jake offers to pay for something.

I'm also excited that I'll be able to make contributions to paying for the wedding while still living like a normal person. I'm not at that point yet because I don't have the customer base... but I'll get there and I'll pay back my parents and get debt free...

OK OK I'm done now.... Nothing more to update wedding wise.... just my MK excitement.

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The New Mrs said...

Hey my name is Ana and I am an 'old' knottie from the Columbus board on the knot (earl&pearl).

I was married Sept. 08 and have coordinated a few weddings for other Columbus knotties since then. I have a full time job and just do this on the side, so I'm very affordable. Let me know if you want to meet and discuss this in more detail :)

You can email me at amihajlo@gmail.com