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May 29, 2009

Wedding buy

OK. So my newest decision is that for every paycheck I get, I'm going to purchase one thing for the wedding...

5-22's paycheck buy = glassine bags for birdseed!

still needed: monogram stickers and tags


May 26, 2009

Summer Events

So, this past long weekend was spent relaxing for the most part. 
Other than the musical auditions that I went to Saturday morning, the cooking and organizing for the MK party at my sister's and the MK facial party itself. I haven't had that relaxing of a weekend in a very loooooong time.

Saturday I had an audition for the summer musical, Big River

My audition went great! 
I sang 'I Won't Mind', which is a song from Audra McDonald's CD How Glory Goes. 
Its a beautiful song from a show that never made it into production called 'The Other Franklin'. 

With my spring cold that I had the week prior to the audition I sang this very beautiful song hoping I could, at least, do it some justice. 
I sang and battled my awful nerves. I was a little wooden due to forgetting 2 words in the beginning, but I recovered pretty well. After that embarrassment I just tried to get through the song. 

My sister said that while it did sound like I was sick., it was pretty. I got a lot of positive comments from other people there who were auditioning that I've known for a long time.

 I found out last night, around 11:00pm, that I got the part I wanted. It's the biggest girl part with vocals!

The show is Big River and the cast is predominantly male, but I don't mind. (no pun intended)

I'm so excited!

May 20, 2009

Writing Papers and Having Dreams About Jim Carey... What?!

So, with the end of the quarter approaching. (2 weeks! Hells yeah!) I found myself reading a textbook furiousally trying to write a 5 page paper by this morning. I'm cool like that. Yeah procrastination is my middle name. So if you want to know anything about Eros and sports, ask away... Everything is still fresh.

My next topic, like those of other blogs I have read recently is about dreams.

A few nights ago I had a dream that I was the girl from the Jonas brother's show... You know the girl 'friend' that is secretly in love with every one of the guys... Only I was more of a manager for the boys. So anyway, in this dream I was traveling to California with Jake's mom in order to get Jim Carey to sign as a producer (yes I know I went from music to movies... but this is my dream here). So I went to his house, which was across a wooden bridge that was pretty cool. He greeted me in a way that suggests we were very comfortable with each other, suggesting a previous relationship.... weird. So anyway he was there with his girlfriend's kids who were swimming in his pool. We chatted and laughed about things I cant put my finger on.... at this point Jim carey and Jake kinda smushed together in that weird way that dreams do. So then we went for a walk around his wilderness thatwas around his house and met up with some friends from high school and then they (all being boys) went to hunt this wolf that followed us.... WHAT?!

So lets recap in pictures
+ -->
+ -->
= WTF?

Oh, I don't know! So for the past few days I've been trying to figure out what Jim Carey's girlfriends name is... Still don't know. I do know that their aiming to be the next Goldie Hawn and Curt Russel.

May 19, 2009

Payments and Such

So now that I have a few things under my belt (and a few minuites untill class) I'm finding myself contemplating how to procede.

With all the payments that will start comming up, I'm not really sure about the order in which they should get paid. We' put half the deposit down for the reception hall. The deposit is in for the photographer. The florest is in contract mode, as well as the caterer. So how am I supposed to break things up? And think, we're not even halfway done yet.

Next things to do.
Grab one of the tall vases from Whit and do table mock-ups / buy more similar vases.
Start centerpiece box construction for the lanterns.

OK,OK class time!

May 12, 2009

The Veil is in My Hot Little Hands

I got my veil last night in the mail! its a little long and I'm thinking of putting it on a clip rather than the comb its on. And really it depends on how my hair would be if it's too short or not... cause if my hair is low, it's fine... If the comb has to go higher, then its too long. So I'm going to wait to see my hair after my first hair trial to decide if I need to shorten it because I'd have to take it off the comb due to little crystal's being all over the dang place. lol. But I think I like it. I cant remember how much I loved it at the dress place with my dress on... but I think I really did, so I'm not worried even though I had a little bit of a panic moment.

So this is in the plans for the veil.

make fascenator (as many as needed, give extras to FG and JBM as gifts)
steam veil (its weird shaped right now)
hair trial
attach comb (shorten if necessary... do it on same day as hair trial to be sure of length and style)
pick facinator (once veil is correct)

side note:
So I gave my dress to Jake's grama (she's my seamstress) and since the dress was so big on me... she basically has to take it apart. I'm still not sure about the neck... Or my hair style (which would help me choose the neck style). So for right now Renate is fixing the neck to be up... Then if I don't really like it we will figure out how to put it down.

Pluses for neck:.......................................... Minuses for neck:
Hold dress up .............................................................Itchy
Unique ........................................................................Might 'date' my dress and pictures
No necklace needed ..................................................Might be too out there
Beautiful .....................................................................Hair has to be up

Pluses for strapless: ...................................Minuses for strapless:
More common (less likely to 'date' my dress)........Hard to put scalloped edge on
Hair can be down or up ............................................Not unique

May 11, 2009

NWR : Mary Kay

OK, so for the past month I've been building up my new investment. Mary Kay. yeah, I never... I mean NEVER, though I'd be selling anything to anyone and really enjoy it. It's not just about sales. I'm so excited about the opportunity I've been given. I mean right now I'm just selling MK as an after work thing. But I cant help but be excited that I plan on continuing. I'm very nervous about graduating next year and finding a real job. The one that I'm in now isn't really a job... I take maybe an hour out of my day and do what I'm supposed to. It's going to be hard going from hat to a real job where I can be fired for real. So I see MK as an opportunity where I'll be able to sell the products and not worry about my next job... I could, technically, wait until my dream job opens up or I get the loan for the studio and sell MK in the mean time and after. It's just a mind and determination over matter thing. I never have to worry about a job ever again because women always buy skin care products and makeup...

I also feel really good that I'll be pulling in an income that is mine. I have this big issue with using Jake's money for my own things. I know that it will be a while until I get used to the idea of 'our money' instead of 'my money' but I'm afraid I'll never get over the pinching guilt I feel whenever Jake offers to pay for something.

I'm also excited that I'll be able to make contributions to paying for the wedding while still living like a normal person. I'm not at that point yet because I don't have the customer base... but I'll get there and I'll pay back my parents and get debt free...

OK OK I'm done now.... Nothing more to update wedding wise.... just my MK excitement.

May 8, 2009

Stand Still

Grama passed away. There has been an amazing array of emotions that have come with it. The time that we spent with her before she passed was well spent.

While we saw her slowly fade we were blessed with her sharp mind until the end. I, personally, chose to stay away toward the end. I wanted my memory of Grama to be of a frail but substantial old lady. It was a little selfish of me, but I don't regret my choice. Now we are into the memorial service planning. It hasn't been a fun trip. no one really knows what to do or expect having not done this 'or real'. We're trying to get the house under control with the in-flow of Grama's furniture. Every one's had a few days off to help out. Not me though. I had 2 midterms this week.... I'll tell you though... I'd rather have had the week off.

But things are starting to feel more like a house rather than an over flowing storage unit. mom's firmly established in her new office/scrap booking/sewing room (my old room... which was really my brother's old room... which was originally my room). It looks nice and very roomy. My old room (the tiny one) is now turning into a guest bedroom. My brother's family still have quite a few boxes in it, but i have more will power than they do to get crap out. lol. My new room is starting to feel like home (for the whole 10 months I'm going to be in it). it is also slowly shrinking due to Jake's tubs of clothes and Mary Kay stuff that seems to be steadily growing.

May 4, 2009

Good Bye

Well my grama, Neoma Ruth Brace, who was 99 years old, passed away Sunday morning. She was suffering from congestive heart failure. She was a feisty old woman who did things her way. I love her very much and I am so thankful that I had as much time with her as I did. she was a trooper, for sure.

Every one's doing OK. It's hard, but due to her age and how long she was sick, it wasn't a surprise. Every one's taking it in stride and I hope that over the next few weeks we all band together.