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April 9, 2009

Veil: check

In 4 weeks I will have my veil in my hot little hands. I got a little ivory birdcage veil with rhinestones on it. I'm very excited because its exactly what I wanted... And I know it will look good with my dress because it's VERY me. So whatever I choose will suit me perfectly. You other brides know what I'm talking about.

NWR (not wedding related)
My brother's family moved out yesterday. YAY! I have the whole house to myself. No siblings to crowd me. Not that I don't love them... I do. But I will be able to breathe easier. Plus I'm moving into the biggest of the bedrooms (minus the parents') so I wont be living on top of myself anymore... another yay for walking room!

Other developments:
I think that the Boardwalk catering co. is who we're going to go with... All of the other caterers I've been in contact keep mentioning plastic wear with the budget I give them. And Laura's prices are the closest to our budget with china. Plus she's giving us three entrees for the price of two. Just due to the lasagna thing. (serving half the order of lasagna meat and half veggie) Plus linens and china and all that jazz. So I'm going to be calling her soon to finalize stuff there. I've talked to Shannon about my cake and I think everything will end up perfect there... she likes my ideas and stuff so yeah. I'll put up some of my ideas on here in a few days. My cake topper might be something mom has had for years. It's two little blue glass birds that sit on a blue glass heart. its really small but kinda what i want. I haven't really decided yet though because it might not fit what I want. we'll see. I just don't want to forget about it.

much love and God bless!

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