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April 2, 2009

Meeting with possiable caterer... bust

So, Jake and I went and met with Laura from Boardwalk Catering. our budget is about 3500-4000... I have heard so many good things about the company/food/service that I was really excited to go and meet with her. But low and behold, no matter how we wrangle the prices the bill would end up being still up around 4700... and that's too much. Every other place I've looked has been more or less the same... but Laura gives a lot of perks, free of charge. So, I'm at an impasse. The other caterers I've been in contact try to stay within our budget by offering plastic wear and taking off linens... (which makes linens more expensive) Anyway, you catch my drift... I'm going to see what else could be done...

New question.... appetizers. How many is enough? 2? 3? I really don't want more than 3, but can I get away with just 2?

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