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April 27, 2009

Does Anyone Have a Money Tree I Could Borrow?

Well, it's almost May... And this month's big 'to-do' on the knot was the caterer... And all that I can say is that I hate that money doesn't grow on trees... It makes me sad that I'll be more expensive than everyone else when it comes to wedding stuff. I mean, Big Brother got away with paying a friend to make his food... And, the site was way cheap. I know, I know, they had way less people invited... But Big Sis at least had a closer amount of people... And she still grabbed her food at about $11.00 a plate. That's was my competition.... And I lost. The only decently priced caterer who gives more than we pay for is a $15.00 per plate place... Which still in the scheme of things is pretty cheap. But I definitely lost that challenge.

So, with that I asked for the contract to be sent. I'll have to see if Mom and Dad are OK with the price. That's the clincher... with Jake and I already paying for so much ourselves, I don't know how much more we can help out with payments.

But I'm grateful to find out that Mom already called our flower lady and sent her a $100.00 deposit. Good goin' mom! She's looking out for me. Plus, one less deposit I have to worry about.

So, once I get the catering papers I'll hash them out with Mom and Dad.

OH, dress update. So Jake's grama, is doing my alterations and since I'm not planning on gaining or losing any weight between now and the wedding she started already. It was necessary so she didn't feel over whelmed with all the lace and stuff... And it being a size 12 dress, trying to get it down to a 2-4 is the challenge... But she's determined. I'm going to get her an awesome present to say thank you. I just don't know what yet. but it'll be good.

Jake emailed our photographer and is talking with her about engagement picture dates. So I'm excited about that. I made him take the reigns on that one. and I told him to start thinking about DJ stuff.

On a sad note, Grama is suffering from congestive heart failure and has been doing pretty bad since Tuesday. So we don't know how much time we have with her. It's hard.

On another note I started Mary Kay. I'm now a beauty consultant. Check out my website at www.marykay.com/erin.patrice and you can do online ordering right from there if you want! How cool is that? With free shipping!

(Sorry, I had to try to end this on a high note)

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