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April 28, 2009

The Great Shoe Debate

I don't know what color blue I'm getting for the bridesmaid dresses yet... But I might just incorporate a lot of different color blues in with the lantern boxes and vases... Anyway...

Which shoes should I get?



Or I could just use Big Sis' ballroom shoes that look like this

April 27, 2009

Does Anyone Have a Money Tree I Could Borrow?

Well, it's almost May... And this month's big 'to-do' on the knot was the caterer... And all that I can say is that I hate that money doesn't grow on trees... It makes me sad that I'll be more expensive than everyone else when it comes to wedding stuff. I mean, Big Brother got away with paying a friend to make his food... And, the site was way cheap. I know, I know, they had way less people invited... But Big Sis at least had a closer amount of people... And she still grabbed her food at about $11.00 a plate. That's was my competition.... And I lost. The only decently priced caterer who gives more than we pay for is a $15.00 per plate place... Which still in the scheme of things is pretty cheap. But I definitely lost that challenge.

So, with that I asked for the contract to be sent. I'll have to see if Mom and Dad are OK with the price. That's the clincher... with Jake and I already paying for so much ourselves, I don't know how much more we can help out with payments.

But I'm grateful to find out that Mom already called our flower lady and sent her a $100.00 deposit. Good goin' mom! She's looking out for me. Plus, one less deposit I have to worry about.

So, once I get the catering papers I'll hash them out with Mom and Dad.

OH, dress update. So Jake's grama, is doing my alterations and since I'm not planning on gaining or losing any weight between now and the wedding she started already. It was necessary so she didn't feel over whelmed with all the lace and stuff... And it being a size 12 dress, trying to get it down to a 2-4 is the challenge... But she's determined. I'm going to get her an awesome present to say thank you. I just don't know what yet. but it'll be good.

Jake emailed our photographer and is talking with her about engagement picture dates. So I'm excited about that. I made him take the reigns on that one. and I told him to start thinking about DJ stuff.

On a sad note, Grama is suffering from congestive heart failure and has been doing pretty bad since Tuesday. So we don't know how much time we have with her. It's hard.

On another note I started Mary Kay. I'm now a beauty consultant. Check out my website at www.marykay.com/erin.patrice and you can do online ordering right from there if you want! How cool is that? With free shipping!

(Sorry, I had to try to end this on a high note)

April 9, 2009

Veil: check

In 4 weeks I will have my veil in my hot little hands. I got a little ivory birdcage veil with rhinestones on it. I'm very excited because its exactly what I wanted... And I know it will look good with my dress because it's VERY me. So whatever I choose will suit me perfectly. You other brides know what I'm talking about.

NWR (not wedding related)
My brother's family moved out yesterday. YAY! I have the whole house to myself. No siblings to crowd me. Not that I don't love them... I do. But I will be able to breathe easier. Plus I'm moving into the biggest of the bedrooms (minus the parents') so I wont be living on top of myself anymore... another yay for walking room!

Other developments:
I think that the Boardwalk catering co. is who we're going to go with... All of the other caterers I've been in contact keep mentioning plastic wear with the budget I give them. And Laura's prices are the closest to our budget with china. Plus she's giving us three entrees for the price of two. Just due to the lasagna thing. (serving half the order of lasagna meat and half veggie) Plus linens and china and all that jazz. So I'm going to be calling her soon to finalize stuff there. I've talked to Shannon about my cake and I think everything will end up perfect there... she likes my ideas and stuff so yeah. I'll put up some of my ideas on here in a few days. My cake topper might be something mom has had for years. It's two little blue glass birds that sit on a blue glass heart. its really small but kinda what i want. I haven't really decided yet though because it might not fit what I want. we'll see. I just don't want to forget about it.

much love and God bless!

April 2, 2009

Meeting with possiable caterer... bust

So, Jake and I went and met with Laura from Boardwalk Catering. our budget is about 3500-4000... I have heard so many good things about the company/food/service that I was really excited to go and meet with her. But low and behold, no matter how we wrangle the prices the bill would end up being still up around 4700... and that's too much. Every other place I've looked has been more or less the same... but Laura gives a lot of perks, free of charge. So, I'm at an impasse. The other caterers I've been in contact try to stay within our budget by offering plastic wear and taking off linens... (which makes linens more expensive) Anyway, you catch my drift... I'm going to see what else could be done...

New question.... appetizers. How many is enough? 2? 3? I really don't want more than 3, but can I get away with just 2?