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March 24, 2009


So, yesterday I took my mom and my sister to Cincinnati on a whim. I just felt pulled to go. We got to use my new GPS that Jake got me as a late birthday present. Anyway, we got there at 11:30. I filled out my paperwork and was introduced to Cynthia, a totally adorable woman who was a doll. We picked out about 12 dresses to try on and tote back. Mom was picking out ones that I wasn't to sure of and one of them had a brown ribbon around it... I was sceptical and after first telling her no, I changed my mind and said yes after she me OK another dress with gathering around the stomach... (not for me... yuck)

So, the first dress I put on was a sheath-like thing that was very pretty, so I put it on the maybe rack. The second dress I tried on was the brown ribbon. I put it on and after realizing that it was a high necked halter I saw it in the far mirror. It was really pretty. So I turned and stepped onto the little black step stool that Cinci bridal and formal has and saw this elegant line and beautiful bead work... Then after looking at it front and back, Cynthia told me that my seamstress could take the halter off and have it just be a strapless... We stuffed the neckline down my top and I saw it... It was my dress. So, I looked for about 2 seconds and looked and started feeling bad about making mom and Crystal drive all this way to see two dresses. So, I just said, "Well this is my dress but I still want to play." Mom had been crying since I put the dress on and Big Sis was taken by surprise by my declaration. I had a few minutes of happy dancing. I thought I'd try on the rest of the dresses but after putting the next one half way on I just couldn't do it. I quickly said no before she could zip me up and I told Big Sis to go grab me the most expensive poofy ballgown she could find. So she came back with a 5000.00 Kennith Poole dress that was gorgeous but SO not me, but I played in it for a little bit then wanted MY dress back on. So, I put it on and went to play with veils and jewelry. But, knowing me I was done shopping and I was TAKING HOME what I wanted... that's right! MY DRESS was a PINK TAG!!! half off 1099.00.... that means it was a BARGAIN DRESS and in perfect condition. I couldn't be happier that I found the lovely dress for 200.00 under my budget! I'm SO happy right now you have no idea...
Here it is!!!
and me in it!... its a size 12, but all the seams and hems are easily done... (the scaloped edge comes off so you can shorten it!)
I love my dress, and I love that it was such a special time for my mom, sister and me. I wish other people could have gone... especially Arleen... but the three of us was everything I wanted.

March 11, 2009

Photographer, Check... but annoyances follow

So yesterday Jake paid Brittany, our photographer, our deposit. So it's Official. We have a photographer! I am so excited!

But on another note...

So Jake last week told me about his grandma Reissig calling and telling him about how as twins the boys and the weddings were being thought of as an article in Columbus Bride Monthly... The whole twins in love and getting married within 6 months of each other story. Which, personally, I dint know how to feel about that. I know that his grandma means well but that's one more thing I will have to worry about. Plus the woman has some control issues and talked to the magazine with out asking ANY of the people involved. So TOB and I came to an agreement that if we are not the ones contacted than we will not be doing the article. We will not have the boys' grama run anything concerning our wedding. So we are not going to acknowledge that it is even happening until it is for sure. The other thing is that I don't know if I really want to have the article happen, just for personal reasons. I mean think about it. I'm a bride on a budget... TOB is not. I know that it can't be helped, but I'm a little weary. It just makes me feel like I really need to be on my ball and get things organized to make sure that our day will be pulled together and different enough that it wont be obvious.

Knowing this, my mom called me into her room the other night to tell me that grama Reissig was at a funeral that took place at my church. (where we are getting married). She proceeded to introduce herself to my priest and tell him all about the magazine article. The priest then talked to my mom and basically told her that he didn't want a three ring circus. GREAT. Did I mention that we haven't signed a contract with my church.... That means they could tell us no. That means we'd be out of a ceremony place... Thank you Grandma Reissig. I know you meant well, but you need to keep you big nose to yourself. I don't need anyone else bossing me around about events for our wedding.

March 3, 2009

The Vault is MINE


That's right. Today at 10:45 I called Bentley and paid for the deposit and faxed my contract. Reception Hall: CHECK!

You have no idea how excited I am right now. After yelling at people *cough* Jacob*cough* about not putting the contract in the mail for Saturday's mail pickup, having it done finally feels so relaxing.

Next up is the Photographer, who we are trying to get the contract to and pay online... but I'm not too worried about things now. One thing at a time is good for me!


OK back to work now!