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February 27, 2009

Things Are Really Getting Started

OK, so I have the contract for the Vault in my hot little hands. The check is going in the mail tomorrow morning.


I had my first wedding dream... it was weird because it was me and Jack Black shopping for votive holders at a discount store. I'm sure it was flower factory or something like that... Anyway we were talking about his baby and just chatting about his work and my fan status while I picked up unique votive clear glass votive holders.... They were bigger, like cup size....


That's all... that's the whole of my first wedding dream.

Jake is coming home this weekend! I'm so excited.

OH! Also, I have a meeting scheduled with the caterer Bentley (from the Vault) suggested. Also the payment for the photographer might get put in this weekend. She is going to let us pay online, so that makes it a lot easier. I only have to get the contract in the mail... Maybe I'll talk about things with Jake and get both the vault and photo. contract in the mail tomorrow morning! wouldn't that be exciting?!

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