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February 3, 2009

Song obsession

So today I am sharing my recent song obsession... Yes I am still talking in terms of the wedding. I have found out that there is sheet music from the Pride and Prejudice movie... And I want to use it in my ceremony... I don't know how but I do.

I say this because I don't really want to use the traditional or replacement songs that are so common. I am very sensitive to music... And the wedding march and the like just don't make me feel beautiful or like a bride.... now who knows. This little feeling may change once I get my dress and have all my girls... but I really like the idea.

But this idea also makes me want to have a little private ceremony with just close friends and family.... Like 25 people all dressed to the nines with a huge party afterward... Very Victorian... But alas. It will never be. lol.

So maybe having the music reflect the feeling of intimacy among friends and me sharing something beautiful will bring that small room feeling that I want. Too bad I'm not that private of a person.

Anyway. Parts of the music are on my play list... Check them out. I'm officially obsessed with them.

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