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February 18, 2009

DIY: update

OK so I have a new list of Do-it-yourself stuff... I'll go ingot a little more detail too...

invitations - target - gotta print and everything else.
12 inch wooden carved initials - dad's gonna do
8x10 wooden ring bearer sign - dad's gonna do
glassine birdseed folders - gotta get monogram stickers and birdseed and fill these babies
escort stones - gotta put names on them
programs - the whole episcopal service has to be in it
Thanks you sign - the easiest and not necessary until later
Wood table numbers - I dint know if they're gonna be carved or just painted
centerpieces - gotta find out if white silk flowers dye water...
Out of town bags - there are not many people and it might not even get done...
gifts for people - i have no ideas yet
favors - gotta order the candy and get ribbons to go on them

So that's it. I've gotta get dome decisions made soon and maybe start a done by calendar... I am in no way organized into actual planning stuff yet...


Crystal said...

What color will white silk flowers dye water.... white? Interesting.

Change the list to easiest to store at top down to hardest to store and then just start at the top and work down.

erin.patrice said...

hey it could get cloudy... and who wants cloudy water?