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February 27, 2009

Things Are Really Getting Started

OK, so I have the contract for the Vault in my hot little hands. The check is going in the mail tomorrow morning.


I had my first wedding dream... it was weird because it was me and Jack Black shopping for votive holders at a discount store. I'm sure it was flower factory or something like that... Anyway we were talking about his baby and just chatting about his work and my fan status while I picked up unique votive clear glass votive holders.... They were bigger, like cup size....


That's all... that's the whole of my first wedding dream.

Jake is coming home this weekend! I'm so excited.

OH! Also, I have a meeting scheduled with the caterer Bentley (from the Vault) suggested. Also the payment for the photographer might get put in this weekend. She is going to let us pay online, so that makes it a lot easier. I only have to get the contract in the mail... Maybe I'll talk about things with Jake and get both the vault and photo. contract in the mail tomorrow morning! wouldn't that be exciting?!

February 18, 2009

DIY: update

OK so I have a new list of Do-it-yourself stuff... I'll go ingot a little more detail too...

invitations - target - gotta print and everything else.
12 inch wooden carved initials - dad's gonna do
8x10 wooden ring bearer sign - dad's gonna do
glassine birdseed folders - gotta get monogram stickers and birdseed and fill these babies
escort stones - gotta put names on them
programs - the whole episcopal service has to be in it
Thanks you sign - the easiest and not necessary until later
Wood table numbers - I dint know if they're gonna be carved or just painted
centerpieces - gotta find out if white silk flowers dye water...
Out of town bags - there are not many people and it might not even get done...
gifts for people - i have no ideas yet
favors - gotta order the candy and get ribbons to go on them

So that's it. I've gotta get dome decisions made soon and maybe start a done by calendar... I am in no way organized into actual planning stuff yet...

February 16, 2009

Photo Talk

Well with all my excitement for the Vault (which I am now waiting for snail mail to bring me the contract) I forgot to talk about my meeting with the potential photographer.

She was very sweet and accommodating. She's from Newark, I believe, and we met at a Starbucks in Westerville. She gave Jake and I a military discount off her already affordable packages. Her pictures are the best for our price range (even though she is under what we were expecting to pay). She is willing to work with me to get the pictures we want. I emailed her today to find out how we were planning on making the down payment and contract delivery. She has an online payment option which is same as cash... and very handy.

I'm excited! I'm so glad I have all this time at work to do all this research.

caterer is next and its turning out to be a little harder to coordinate with her. she broke her foot about a month ago and has to now have surgery because she waited so long to get it taken care of... But If it's meant to be then it will be. I'm looking around just in case... and asking the girls on the knot for some recommendations.

I'm not bored right now, I can tell you that much.

February 11, 2009

Contract in the making!

So, I have everyone on my side about The Vault! I emailed Bentley, the owner, about drawing us up a contract. Hopefully I'll hear back from him soon. He's usually pretty prompt.

I'm so excited!
But dress shopping might not happen until march, which I'm a little bummed about. But what can you do?It still puts me at a year.
AAAA. I cant believe it a year and a month untill I'm Mrs. Reissig! And I don't mind that a bit!
Caterer and photographer are next to get round up. I'm talking to both currently. Photographer will probably be first. She was an easy find. I'm very excited!

February 3, 2009

Song obsession

So today I am sharing my recent song obsession... Yes I am still talking in terms of the wedding. I have found out that there is sheet music from the Pride and Prejudice movie... And I want to use it in my ceremony... I don't know how but I do.

I say this because I don't really want to use the traditional or replacement songs that are so common. I am very sensitive to music... And the wedding march and the like just don't make me feel beautiful or like a bride.... now who knows. This little feeling may change once I get my dress and have all my girls... but I really like the idea.

But this idea also makes me want to have a little private ceremony with just close friends and family.... Like 25 people all dressed to the nines with a huge party afterward... Very Victorian... But alas. It will never be. lol.

So maybe having the music reflect the feeling of intimacy among friends and me sharing something beautiful will bring that small room feeling that I want. Too bad I'm not that private of a person.

Anyway. Parts of the music are on my play list... Check them out. I'm officially obsessed with them.