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January 30, 2009

Running of the Bride?.... I did NOT run.

But I did go. 
It was pretty entertaining. 
The sale is basically crazy, but I thought it was a good first activity. 
I made Mom and Big Sis go and BW (Brother's Wife) was suprisingly up for the challenge of helping. (And she was a good helper.) 
I tried on probably 25 + gowns. most of which were either ball gown or too big... 
There were two I liked, but not enough to stop looking. 
But I really liked helping other girls with swaping dresses untill I got sick of the other brides... 
you know the ones I'm talking about. 
The ones who have a big pile of dresses they done like, but they refuse to part with any of them unless you have a dress in their size to trade. 
Oh yes. 
They were there by the handful. 
I have a few funny pictures on Big Sis's camera that I'll post when I can. 
There were a few dresses there that were jaw droppingly ugly. Those are the ones I felt the need to capture on camera.

I got fed up by about 10:15. 
Big Sis said I was a trooper and that I lasted longer than she would have. 
So I pride myself in that fact. (I cant help it) And I'm now looking forward to the trip to Cincinnati that will bring calm, customer service and (cross your fingers or else I'm too damn picky) 'The' dress.

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