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January 27, 2009

Reception Thoughts

OK. So I have been looking around Columbus for 'The' reception hall, and what I've found so far is The Vault down town. Its a pretty awesome place and the coordinator went out of his way to offer me a deal when we went to see him. I'm starting to feel like if I sit on this decision any longer I'm gonna end up missing out on 'The' place. Be it the Vault or not.

But after going to see The vault I haven't really felt the need to go anywhere else. I cant really picture my reception anywhere else. But I am afraid its too expensive for my parents... I really like it and its different from anyplace any of the girls have had a reception at before. It's very me.

But I'm afraid people are going to ask if it was the best deal for the money... I'm going to schedule a time for Jake to check it out when he's here and see what he thinks. I cant imagine making that kind of a decision without him. Its a good thing he will be in town next weekend!!! Yay. So I'm at a tough spot. Hopefully Jake will help with that.

1 comment:

Crystal said...

You guys have to agree. As long as you guys agree and it's not too expensive .....