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January 15, 2009

Wedding Update

OK, so I emailed the potential photographer.

We are now in contact.

A videographer emailed me (from a bridal show) and told me that they offer military discount and the price on that is 699, I believe... But Jake thinks we can possibly get Jon to do it for us. He has the nice equipment... My feeling is that I would think he would rather be a guest than an employee of sorts. I don't know what to do. Maybe we'll ask him.

Next, Jake and I are once again unable to decide on the wedding party. We bumped the possibility of the second flower girl (saving us $). My second cousin will be too young and possibly unpredictable to have. But its down once again to the adults... One guy's deployment and not knowing about his leave yet is the biggest thing. It would be awesome if he is here... but what if he's not. I said to just count him as in until we know positively otherwise. order him a tux, so he's covered and everything. Our issue is then what if he doesn't show up. Jake for some reason HATES the idea of uneven numbers. But I cant see having a sub then bumping him either way. It seems like we'd be using the person, kinda. I've decided its not worth arguing over the who... So now we're just arguing about the possibilities. He doesn't want the uneven numbers. I don't want to seem shallow. We're at odds.

On an up note, I may be going dress shopping again very soon. (I want to get a hold on things so i can go to the running of the brides at Filenes basement on the 30th)

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