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January 5, 2009

Happy New Year = Starting a blog

So many things have started with this new year, good and bad. First and most important = Jake and I are engaged! I'm not going to say I didn't see it coming, but I had no idea he was so sneaky. I really didn't. I thought I would surly guess everything before it happened. So this is what's up. Before Jake left for Texas 4 months ago he started paying on my ring. The one he wanted sold so the jeweler ordered it in and everything. Jake's twin's fiance (we'll call her the other fiance, or TOF) was the go to girl and made sure everything was good since she works at the mall where the jewelery store is. It was TOF that suggested the diamonds that got placed in the front and back of my setting. She was right on with the choice of the round stones making the diamond brighter. I love every bit of my ring. Jacob's idea was perfectly 'me'. Princess cut, wide band, and unique setting all the while looking plain and simple. It's me to a tee, I think. Now for all the detail junkies who will want to know, its a .70 SIE colorless princess cut diamond. In addition to the two on the sides puts the whole ring at 1.2 carats, I believe.

How it went down:

After paying on this ring for 4 months Jake had help in planning the proposal. I found out later that I was difficult and called out plans before they happened. There was a mention of at the airport, which I unknowingly nixed when I jokingly mentioned to someone that he probably would do it then. Then I kept messing up plans due to Christmas shopping craziness. In the end Jake met me at my house after my voice lesson with the plan to go to Barns & Noble to buy Sense and Sensibility for his mom. I grabbed a gift card I had found and we headed out the door. It was around 7 and I hadn't eaten dinner yet so I forced Jake to take me to Panara so I could have a bread bowl. Then we went to the barns and noble that was right next door. once we were in there we started the search for Jane Austin and I pulled out a hard covered copy of pride and prejudice, mentioning hopefully, that it would be a good Christmas present idea. Then Jake handed me a book that had been sitting on the shelf, wrapped in a big red bow. Thinking he was playing with the display books I was hesitant to 'play' with him and act out the present giving. (I'm such a good girl)... But then I saw he was serious and I asked, "is this for me?" He told me it was and I was still hesitant to take it. He started taking off the bow and my confusion stayed in place. he then told me to look inside. thinking there was going to be a sweet little love letter written on the first pages I started leafing through them... Only when his shaking hand reached up to make me flip to the middle of the book did my brain go totally blank. There, sitting inside this double volume of Jane Austin's of 'Pride and Prejudice/Northanger Abby', right in the first page of Northanger Abby's chapter 1, sat my ring... in a little square all cut out and ADORABLE.

As I held the ring in my left hand I dumbly said "really?" and Jake laughed a little and said "yeah, I'm gonna need that." and got down on one knee. We then had a mini discussion about how he had to not only give me the ring but also put it on my left ring finger. Perfectly us (as those who know us can agree with).

And it was done! Little did I know, Jake's brother and fiance along with his older sister and her husband were in the store and had been guarding the book the whole time we were in Panara. we went looking for them and had to then re-live the moment, which I didn't mind, for pictures. Then they all told me that we were supposed to meet up with people to celebrate and how I ruined that as well by eating beforehand. I laughed it off because I was too happy and we met up with my parents, my sister, her husband, my brother, his step-son, and some of our friends. Jake's mom had gone through knee surgery that day and the weather was a little rough so she didn't make it... but she sent me a cute text (cute because you know it took her a while to get it done) welcoming me to the family. I then ordered a blue moon and fried pickles and forgot to eat them while everyone else got burgers and fish. It was really just perfect. So the rest of the winter break was spent trying to not overwhelm my FIANCE with wedding plans so he could enjoy his time home in peace. But all the while I was adjusting to the fact that I could really talk about my wedding plans to everyone and anyone who wanted to know. It was weird at first.... still is a little. But liberating at the same time. I have been secretly planning for so long.

The excitement didn't end there. after eating and seeing that the rain was freezing we decided to head home. I went to Jake's house to see his mom, but before we got there we managed to get into a fender-bender with his sister in his mom's new car... so $5000 total worth of damage later, we got to his house to tell his mom all the details.

Now in retrospect about 80% of our time was spent with his family this break... this includes time spent with just the boys and other friends (it doesn't help that Jake's twin brother and his fiance are our closest friends) but my family got a little bit of the short end.

To sum up events of after Christmas. we went snowboarding (meaning the girls went tubing and the boys snowboarded). My big sis and Jake's sister got into a fight that may make the next few years uncomfortable depending on the possibility of a grudge. We had a tame new years with friends and I had to say goodbye once again to the love of my life. Then I preceded to attend a bridal show.

I still haven't thought of my resolutions. I am planning a wedding, I'm starting a show January 20th, I'm in school this quarter. I'm in another wedding.... anything else?

OH and I love my life!

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Crystal said...

No grudge holding here. Hopefully nothing will be a problem. Glad your happy. Remember the next time that he's home that 80% was spent with his family. :) Love you.