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January 6, 2009

First dress appointment

So, last night I went to my first wedding dress store FOR ME. I'm excited all the other times it was for other people... my sister-in-law, big sister etc.

I started with Wendy's on sawmill and after telling the staff that I was there, I was left to pull out dresses and sit for a half hour. The lady came over after 45 mins and told me that she wasn't told I was here until just then. WHAT? Dumb. So then I tried on about 6-7 dresses and really liked 3 of them. I am slender and tall, so (not to sound snobbish, but truthful) they all looked either good or alright on me. Which made it really hard. It's really hard to go looking for a dress when nothing you see is bad.

I lean toward lace and a fitted bodice and hip: what ever you want to call that, a-line, mermaid, trumpet.

I like the unique dresses. Ones that no one else would wear. I have this issue where I hate feeling cookie cutter, but i don't want to be too wild. classy. that's my goal. but different at the same time.

The very first dress I tried on was Casablanca #191

The other two I liked I cant find ANYWHERE! I'm so sad. it doesn't help that Wendy's takes the tags off the gowns so you CANT look for them outside of their store.
1st dress description:

vertically placed lace, mermaid/a-line, v-neck, widely set straps, ruffled train, two panels of ruffles on each side of the skirt... its looks like it just stepped out of a stage coach in wild west days. similar to these...

2nd dress description:
lace, a-line, jeweled bust, optional shoulder strap. (more generic i know but gorgeous) and i cant find anything like it. channel the purple dress from titanic.
if i them I'll put them up.
Anyway. My parents and I are finally talking about a budget and all that. Dad is being rough to plan reception site visits. So far I want to check out the vault, Northpointe, Brookshire, Creekside and Grand Valley Dale Ballroom. I know the ones will be more expensive. I just have to get Dad to work with me....
Anyone else out there been in a ton of weddings over the past 2 years? I've been in 4... or will be in 4. My brothers wedding came first. It was a very in-expensive wedding due to the fact they lived with my parents (Wendy got kicked out of her house and lived with us... and they still live in my parents house) Jake's older sister came next. Hers was a $34,000 wedding, and it kinda showed. It was winter, but she only played up the reds. It was so 'her' though. My sister's was most recent. It was a quaint, adorable, wedding with brats and burgers. Perfect for my classy, low maintenance sister. She was a princess. The next one I'm in is 'The Other Fiance' She's Jake's twin's fiance. She is stepping it up a notch. Hers is going to be the princess affair. Shes having it at the athletic club downtown and I'm sure everything will be expensive and fancy. It's a military wedding.... But everyone has had plain simple wedding gowns... even TOF's ballgown is really classically simple. No lace... Just bling.
And then there is me... I want the romantic, vintage, lace and tails kind of shindig. Give me damask and off white. I'll slip some green and blue in there with the classic creams and greys. I don't know why, but I want it that way. I want it to be like night from day with this. It's who I am. I'm not all about matching people. I cant stand it. If I hear that someone I know is doing something I get turned off of the idea. I want to stand out and be unique....
This therefore explains the problem with the dresses... Did I like the vintage looking one because it was so different... or because I really liked it. and plus Jake hates ruffles. (I don't usually wear them but I'm thinking about staring. lol)
Oh well. We'll see. I have an appointment at Cleo's tomorrow for more dress shopping!

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