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January 26, 2009

Another Store Down

So on Friday after work Big Sis and I hurried to Cleo's Bridal on Oak st. and I tried on dresses from the La Sposa trunk show. I have to say If it were not for the price of the dress I liked there ($1800) I would have said I found 'the one'. Too bad. I'm not real tore up about it, so it makes me wonder about how much I really liked it. I think I'm still in that playing dress-up mode. Here's a picture of it just in case though. It's La Sposa's Fiordo... I think. Anyway, it's pretty and I didn't want to take it off. But I did. And now I'm wondering if i just liked wearing it. I didn't really think about Jake. I tried though. But I just couldn't picture anything. So whatever. Maybe that approach doesn't work for me. Running of the Brides is this Friday. I have a feeling its going to not be successful either though because we're going after work around 5-5:30. so who knows what will be left. But I'll at least try.

P.S. Cleo's was by far the best place I've been to so far. Heather and Cleo were hilarious and very nice. Not pushy and very understanding when I showed up almost 15 mins late due to getting lost.

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Crystal said...

Hmmm maybe you need to think about picturing it on the hanger waiting for you when you wake up the morning of.