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January 12, 2009

And now I'm a year OLDER???

WHAT? What is this? 22 felt like nothing. It's not really an age I'm liking so far. Not that I don't like it. It's just bla.

OK. Enough complaining. I think I've come up with some decent resolutions. FINALLY.

1. NO dark pop (continuous from last year and I only broke it twice)
2. Only wheat bread
3. Only eating out 1 time a week or less

That's it... those are the ones I think are realistic.

So for the new year, kinda, I am also going to follow through with plans I make. My first being:

After the VaudVillities show is over, I am going to find a second job. One that I can work 3 nights a week at. I need the $$ for the wedding. So my plan is all of the $$ from the second job will go straight into a wedding account.

Now on to wedding details that have updated over the weekend:
I went to another bridal show. The first of the official new year and it happened to be on my birthday. It was at the McCoy center in Hilliard. It was $5. And it was a BUST. Big time. There were, maybe, 20 vendors there and they didn't bring they're A game. But I got to hang out with TOF and her mom, which is always interesting.
There is another bridal show next weekend. I might not be able to go due to rehearsals starting. JOY (not). But we'll see.

Mom, Dad, Crystal, Whit and I went to Northpointe out by Polaris to scope out the facility for reception possibilities. Needless to say it was WAY to $$$. the Vualt seems to be a hard competitor to beat. But although I really want to just call the game now "its always best to get at least 3 quotes from someplace". So I just need #3.

Jake and I are having problems finalizing the list of men in the party. A little preference problem on my part. I don't really adore one of the guys he feels obligated to put in the party. For me, it's a no brainer and awkward otherwise. If he ends up being in I'll make sure to cover the awkwardness.... But I'll still feel it. Lets just say it was based on a loyalty issue right before Jake left for his year of army training. (loyalty, friendship-wise) I'm pretty good at being unsettled my things for a while after they happen, especially if I get insulted for another person. (I have a track record with that, just ask my sister) It's hard for me to stop once I have started and just let it go. I feel that too often people just let others off the hook too easily........ I wont get into that.

So the man part of the party is up in the air again and I'm sure Jake will tell me I'm holding a grudge. (which i kinda am, he just doesn't get how disloyalty to him means to me too)

On a lighter note I may be 22, but I'm getting MARRIED!!!!!!

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