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January 30, 2009

Running of the Bride?.... I did NOT run.

But I did go. 
It was pretty entertaining. 
The sale is basically crazy, but I thought it was a good first activity. 
I made Mom and Big Sis go and BW (Brother's Wife) was suprisingly up for the challenge of helping. (And she was a good helper.) 
I tried on probably 25 + gowns. most of which were either ball gown or too big... 
There were two I liked, but not enough to stop looking. 
But I really liked helping other girls with swaping dresses untill I got sick of the other brides... 
you know the ones I'm talking about. 
The ones who have a big pile of dresses they done like, but they refuse to part with any of them unless you have a dress in their size to trade. 
Oh yes. 
They were there by the handful. 
I have a few funny pictures on Big Sis's camera that I'll post when I can. 
There were a few dresses there that were jaw droppingly ugly. Those are the ones I felt the need to capture on camera.

I got fed up by about 10:15. 
Big Sis said I was a trooper and that I lasted longer than she would have. 
So I pride myself in that fact. (I cant help it) And I'm now looking forward to the trip to Cincinnati that will bring calm, customer service and (cross your fingers or else I'm too damn picky) 'The' dress.

January 29, 2009

Budget Talk

OK so the FI and I had our first real budget talk. Needless to say his attitude was 'I don't care how much we pay for. I just want to marry you.' while its cute.... Its also very frustrating. He makes me feel so superficial. While I know its not the case, it still makes me think.

I'm trying to cut corners here and make everything as cost effective as I possibly can. It's very hard when the average wedding in Columbus is $22,000. My budget is well under that and I know I will be able to keep it that way.

I want to get things set in stone. My first attempt is with the reception venue. I feel obsessive. AARRRGG. OK well Jake and I are going to go see Bentley (yes that is his name!) at the Vault on the 7th. (Jake will be home for the weekend! Who's excited?!!!) If Jake likes it I want to talk facts and figures to get it. Hopefully that will be set in stone by the beginning/middle of February.

Tomorrow I am going to the running of the brides in hopes of finding 'The' dress. And hopefully it will be obnoxiously under priced and fabulous. Cross you fingers! I'll update tomorrow when I get to work. Wish me luck!

January 27, 2009

Reception Thoughts

OK. So I have been looking around Columbus for 'The' reception hall, and what I've found so far is The Vault down town. Its a pretty awesome place and the coordinator went out of his way to offer me a deal when we went to see him. I'm starting to feel like if I sit on this decision any longer I'm gonna end up missing out on 'The' place. Be it the Vault or not.

But after going to see The vault I haven't really felt the need to go anywhere else. I cant really picture my reception anywhere else. But I am afraid its too expensive for my parents... I really like it and its different from anyplace any of the girls have had a reception at before. It's very me.

But I'm afraid people are going to ask if it was the best deal for the money... I'm going to schedule a time for Jake to check it out when he's here and see what he thinks. I cant imagine making that kind of a decision without him. Its a good thing he will be in town next weekend!!! Yay. So I'm at a tough spot. Hopefully Jake will help with that.

January 26, 2009

Another Store Down

So on Friday after work Big Sis and I hurried to Cleo's Bridal on Oak st. and I tried on dresses from the La Sposa trunk show. I have to say If it were not for the price of the dress I liked there ($1800) I would have said I found 'the one'. Too bad. I'm not real tore up about it, so it makes me wonder about how much I really liked it. I think I'm still in that playing dress-up mode. Here's a picture of it just in case though. It's La Sposa's Fiordo... I think. Anyway, it's pretty and I didn't want to take it off. But I did. And now I'm wondering if i just liked wearing it. I didn't really think about Jake. I tried though. But I just couldn't picture anything. So whatever. Maybe that approach doesn't work for me. Running of the Brides is this Friday. I have a feeling its going to not be successful either though because we're going after work around 5-5:30. so who knows what will be left. But I'll at least try.

P.S. Cleo's was by far the best place I've been to so far. Heather and Cleo were hilarious and very nice. Not pushy and very understanding when I showed up almost 15 mins late due to getting lost.

January 23, 2009

Second Store

OK. So Big Sis wanted to go check out Elegant Bridal off of 161. So I went and the woman who owns the store is very nice but a little pushy. She very much wanted me to have a cathedral length veil with whatever dress I tried on. But once a bride who had already purchased her dress came into the store to pick it up I was left in the dust. She practically showed me that she cared more for the already sold than the possible sale. Her loss. The dresses were pretty, but alas, I haven't found "the One" yet. Tonight I am going to Cleo's bridal off oak street for the La Sposa trunk show. We'll see how that goes.

January 20, 2009

Wedding Update

Well, this weekend was productive..... NOT!

I spent my Friday evening with TOF waiting for the surprise for FMIL (future mother-in-law) that Twin was coming home for the weekend. I hadn't seen her in almost 2 weeks... And that's not good.

Saturday I went to rehearsal for VV and sang (its not what I expected, to say the least). I am a dancer/singer in cell block tango (at least I think I'm dancing... I had better be) I think I'm Velma Kelly in Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag (even though the other girl is the alto... she's blond). I got talked down to by my partner AND the music director because I'm only 22. It was awesome! ANYWAY.... then Big Sis and I went to Target and shopped. It was a good, and much needed, distraction from life. To pretend you have money to spend is awesome! Then I spent the night at Big Sis' after watching 'Becoming Jane' with Anne Hathaway. (I totally recommend it).

Sunday I didn't leave the house. Call me lazy, but I say I was preserving my energy.

Monday I went with TOF and Twin to drop him off at his ride's house. Then we found out that (FMIL) was in the ER with heart trouble... She had to get a 'heart cath' and wont be out until, possibly, Wednesday... They didn't find any blockage in the heart valves so they're checking electrical stuff today.

So that was that....

Jake is Moving to DC over the weekend of February 6th. He will probably fly home, get stuff he wants, fly to DC. Then there is a possibility the boys will drive home the weekend of valentines day. TOF and I are planning on driving out there the weekend of the 21st. I cant wait until Jake is that close! To think, soon I'll be able to drive there and back in a weekend!

January 15, 2009

Wedding Update

OK, so I emailed the potential photographer.

We are now in contact.

A videographer emailed me (from a bridal show) and told me that they offer military discount and the price on that is 699, I believe... But Jake thinks we can possibly get Jon to do it for us. He has the nice equipment... My feeling is that I would think he would rather be a guest than an employee of sorts. I don't know what to do. Maybe we'll ask him.

Next, Jake and I are once again unable to decide on the wedding party. We bumped the possibility of the second flower girl (saving us $). My second cousin will be too young and possibly unpredictable to have. But its down once again to the adults... One guy's deployment and not knowing about his leave yet is the biggest thing. It would be awesome if he is here... but what if he's not. I said to just count him as in until we know positively otherwise. order him a tux, so he's covered and everything. Our issue is then what if he doesn't show up. Jake for some reason HATES the idea of uneven numbers. But I cant see having a sub then bumping him either way. It seems like we'd be using the person, kinda. I've decided its not worth arguing over the who... So now we're just arguing about the possibilities. He doesn't want the uneven numbers. I don't want to seem shallow. We're at odds.

On an up note, I may be going dress shopping again very soon. (I want to get a hold on things so i can go to the running of the brides at Filenes basement on the 30th)

January 14, 2009

Celebrity look-a-like... Muah?!

OK. So to be NOT wedding centered for the beginning of this post that is starteing at 9:37am...

So I went on myheritage.com and did a celebrity look alike and found out that I am a mix, mainly, between Paris Hilton and Natalie Glebova... with a little Laura Linney (I dont really see the last one)

Tell me what you think. I'll post pictures after class.

ok first here are some of me (finding ones by myself were hard)

Now for some of the said main look-a-likes


M. universe: Natalie Glebova

whatcha think? I think they just went on the blue eyes. But maybe thats just me .

January 13, 2009

Tuesday = cheeze-its and chocolate milk

Since Big Sis complained about my lack of correct capitalization and spelling I have since tried to fix it. Is it making any difference? lol. I think it just takes me longer to type things out. Go figure.

OK... so today is my LONG day. I have 2 classes (my first is at 8:30) along with working in between (and before if the girl I'm working with doesn't show). I leave work early to go home, sing to get my voice up to a usable point, then go to a 45 min voice lesson at 5:15. Then pick up dad from work at 6:30. After that I'm free... but the rush of the day is a little on the crazy side. But I cant complain.

I'm trying to think about how I can summarize these posts to focus on one single thing. I have a tendency to jump from one thing to the next as a force of habit. It's how my brain works. so lets focus the rest of the post on.....

Good choice. what follows is a list of DIY projects I'd like to have for the wedding.

- Invitations
- Wooden initials
- Ring bearer sign
- Seat signs
- Birdseed folders
- Escort stones
- Farewell sparklers
- Scroll programs
- Save-the-dates
- Thank you sign
- Table numbers
- Monogram
- Bridesmaid gifts
- Parent gifts

That's all I can think of right now...

What I can almost put in the "Done" pile:
- Reception hall
- Caterer
- Photographer

January 12, 2009

And now I'm a year OLDER???

WHAT? What is this? 22 felt like nothing. It's not really an age I'm liking so far. Not that I don't like it. It's just bla.

OK. Enough complaining. I think I've come up with some decent resolutions. FINALLY.

1. NO dark pop (continuous from last year and I only broke it twice)
2. Only wheat bread
3. Only eating out 1 time a week or less

That's it... those are the ones I think are realistic.

So for the new year, kinda, I am also going to follow through with plans I make. My first being:

After the VaudVillities show is over, I am going to find a second job. One that I can work 3 nights a week at. I need the $$ for the wedding. So my plan is all of the $$ from the second job will go straight into a wedding account.

Now on to wedding details that have updated over the weekend:
I went to another bridal show. The first of the official new year and it happened to be on my birthday. It was at the McCoy center in Hilliard. It was $5. And it was a BUST. Big time. There were, maybe, 20 vendors there and they didn't bring they're A game. But I got to hang out with TOF and her mom, which is always interesting.
There is another bridal show next weekend. I might not be able to go due to rehearsals starting. JOY (not). But we'll see.

Mom, Dad, Crystal, Whit and I went to Northpointe out by Polaris to scope out the facility for reception possibilities. Needless to say it was WAY to $$$. the Vualt seems to be a hard competitor to beat. But although I really want to just call the game now "its always best to get at least 3 quotes from someplace". So I just need #3.

Jake and I are having problems finalizing the list of men in the party. A little preference problem on my part. I don't really adore one of the guys he feels obligated to put in the party. For me, it's a no brainer and awkward otherwise. If he ends up being in I'll make sure to cover the awkwardness.... But I'll still feel it. Lets just say it was based on a loyalty issue right before Jake left for his year of army training. (loyalty, friendship-wise) I'm pretty good at being unsettled my things for a while after they happen, especially if I get insulted for another person. (I have a track record with that, just ask my sister) It's hard for me to stop once I have started and just let it go. I feel that too often people just let others off the hook too easily........ I wont get into that.

So the man part of the party is up in the air again and I'm sure Jake will tell me I'm holding a grudge. (which i kinda am, he just doesn't get how disloyalty to him means to me too)

On a lighter note I may be 22, but I'm getting MARRIED!!!!!!

January 8, 2009

The thrill of the chase

OK, so since I went to Wendy's I have been obsessing over those dresses. (photographers too) But I just cant get the dress out of my head. I keep questioning whether I like it because its so different... OR because I think it's "the dress". Will the style mess with the vibe I want to give my guests? My planning bio gives a lot of what I'm looking for.... no. I've decided.

The dress is beautiful. But I don't think its what I want... Don't get me wrong. I want the dress.... But not for my wedding. I think that it is more like how I WANT to be... but not how I am. Does that make any sense? I just want to play in it... It would be more like a dress up thing than a wedding thing.

So now that I feel better about that. lol.

I think Jake and i have found our photographer. We haven't contacted her yet, but we will soon. I don't want to say anything cause I don't want to jinx it. But I'm really excited.

My rents and I are going to the Vault tomorrow to check it out. I'm hoping it will have the old school vintage feeling I'm looking for. If not we'll check other places. I'm kinda big on checking out things I know I want first, and I've been eyeballing the Vault for a while.

Jake only has 2 more weeks of classes at Ft. Sam left... I don't know if one of them is spent in the field or if the 2 weeks is in addition to the one on the field. But he is really excited to get to DC with his twin, josh.

I'm trying to think of as many DIY projects for the wedding that I can while holding the standard I want. So far I think Dad is making wooden E and J for us to hang on the doors of someplace... I haven't decided yet. I also want to make our STD's. I'm thinking about silk flowers for the centerpieces but I need to find out if soild green orchids are out there somewhere. I want to make a little sign that reads "Here comes the bride" on one side and "... And they lived happily ever after" on the other for my RB to carry instead of a pillow... (I think its really cute). Dad can do that one too so its all pretty. I want to do little wax paper satchels of birdseed to go along with the bubbles that get passed out. I might have to make those. I can't think of anything else yet... But maybe I should start making a list.

More to come... and once I get into the DIY items I'll post the process and pictures with it.

January 6, 2009

First dress appointment

So, last night I went to my first wedding dress store FOR ME. I'm excited all the other times it was for other people... my sister-in-law, big sister etc.

I started with Wendy's on sawmill and after telling the staff that I was there, I was left to pull out dresses and sit for a half hour. The lady came over after 45 mins and told me that she wasn't told I was here until just then. WHAT? Dumb. So then I tried on about 6-7 dresses and really liked 3 of them. I am slender and tall, so (not to sound snobbish, but truthful) they all looked either good or alright on me. Which made it really hard. It's really hard to go looking for a dress when nothing you see is bad.

I lean toward lace and a fitted bodice and hip: what ever you want to call that, a-line, mermaid, trumpet.

I like the unique dresses. Ones that no one else would wear. I have this issue where I hate feeling cookie cutter, but i don't want to be too wild. classy. that's my goal. but different at the same time.

The very first dress I tried on was Casablanca #191

The other two I liked I cant find ANYWHERE! I'm so sad. it doesn't help that Wendy's takes the tags off the gowns so you CANT look for them outside of their store.
1st dress description:

vertically placed lace, mermaid/a-line, v-neck, widely set straps, ruffled train, two panels of ruffles on each side of the skirt... its looks like it just stepped out of a stage coach in wild west days. similar to these...

2nd dress description:
lace, a-line, jeweled bust, optional shoulder strap. (more generic i know but gorgeous) and i cant find anything like it. channel the purple dress from titanic.
if i them I'll put them up.
Anyway. My parents and I are finally talking about a budget and all that. Dad is being rough to plan reception site visits. So far I want to check out the vault, Northpointe, Brookshire, Creekside and Grand Valley Dale Ballroom. I know the ones will be more expensive. I just have to get Dad to work with me....
Anyone else out there been in a ton of weddings over the past 2 years? I've been in 4... or will be in 4. My brothers wedding came first. It was a very in-expensive wedding due to the fact they lived with my parents (Wendy got kicked out of her house and lived with us... and they still live in my parents house) Jake's older sister came next. Hers was a $34,000 wedding, and it kinda showed. It was winter, but she only played up the reds. It was so 'her' though. My sister's was most recent. It was a quaint, adorable, wedding with brats and burgers. Perfect for my classy, low maintenance sister. She was a princess. The next one I'm in is 'The Other Fiance' She's Jake's twin's fiance. She is stepping it up a notch. Hers is going to be the princess affair. Shes having it at the athletic club downtown and I'm sure everything will be expensive and fancy. It's a military wedding.... But everyone has had plain simple wedding gowns... even TOF's ballgown is really classically simple. No lace... Just bling.
And then there is me... I want the romantic, vintage, lace and tails kind of shindig. Give me damask and off white. I'll slip some green and blue in there with the classic creams and greys. I don't know why, but I want it that way. I want it to be like night from day with this. It's who I am. I'm not all about matching people. I cant stand it. If I hear that someone I know is doing something I get turned off of the idea. I want to stand out and be unique....
This therefore explains the problem with the dresses... Did I like the vintage looking one because it was so different... or because I really liked it. and plus Jake hates ruffles. (I don't usually wear them but I'm thinking about staring. lol)
Oh well. We'll see. I have an appointment at Cleo's tomorrow for more dress shopping!

January 5, 2009

Happy New Year = Starting a blog

So many things have started with this new year, good and bad. First and most important = Jake and I are engaged! I'm not going to say I didn't see it coming, but I had no idea he was so sneaky. I really didn't. I thought I would surly guess everything before it happened. So this is what's up. Before Jake left for Texas 4 months ago he started paying on my ring. The one he wanted sold so the jeweler ordered it in and everything. Jake's twin's fiance (we'll call her the other fiance, or TOF) was the go to girl and made sure everything was good since she works at the mall where the jewelery store is. It was TOF that suggested the diamonds that got placed in the front and back of my setting. She was right on with the choice of the round stones making the diamond brighter. I love every bit of my ring. Jacob's idea was perfectly 'me'. Princess cut, wide band, and unique setting all the while looking plain and simple. It's me to a tee, I think. Now for all the detail junkies who will want to know, its a .70 SIE colorless princess cut diamond. In addition to the two on the sides puts the whole ring at 1.2 carats, I believe.

How it went down:

After paying on this ring for 4 months Jake had help in planning the proposal. I found out later that I was difficult and called out plans before they happened. There was a mention of at the airport, which I unknowingly nixed when I jokingly mentioned to someone that he probably would do it then. Then I kept messing up plans due to Christmas shopping craziness. In the end Jake met me at my house after my voice lesson with the plan to go to Barns & Noble to buy Sense and Sensibility for his mom. I grabbed a gift card I had found and we headed out the door. It was around 7 and I hadn't eaten dinner yet so I forced Jake to take me to Panara so I could have a bread bowl. Then we went to the barns and noble that was right next door. once we were in there we started the search for Jane Austin and I pulled out a hard covered copy of pride and prejudice, mentioning hopefully, that it would be a good Christmas present idea. Then Jake handed me a book that had been sitting on the shelf, wrapped in a big red bow. Thinking he was playing with the display books I was hesitant to 'play' with him and act out the present giving. (I'm such a good girl)... But then I saw he was serious and I asked, "is this for me?" He told me it was and I was still hesitant to take it. He started taking off the bow and my confusion stayed in place. he then told me to look inside. thinking there was going to be a sweet little love letter written on the first pages I started leafing through them... Only when his shaking hand reached up to make me flip to the middle of the book did my brain go totally blank. There, sitting inside this double volume of Jane Austin's of 'Pride and Prejudice/Northanger Abby', right in the first page of Northanger Abby's chapter 1, sat my ring... in a little square all cut out and ADORABLE.

As I held the ring in my left hand I dumbly said "really?" and Jake laughed a little and said "yeah, I'm gonna need that." and got down on one knee. We then had a mini discussion about how he had to not only give me the ring but also put it on my left ring finger. Perfectly us (as those who know us can agree with).

And it was done! Little did I know, Jake's brother and fiance along with his older sister and her husband were in the store and had been guarding the book the whole time we were in Panara. we went looking for them and had to then re-live the moment, which I didn't mind, for pictures. Then they all told me that we were supposed to meet up with people to celebrate and how I ruined that as well by eating beforehand. I laughed it off because I was too happy and we met up with my parents, my sister, her husband, my brother, his step-son, and some of our friends. Jake's mom had gone through knee surgery that day and the weather was a little rough so she didn't make it... but she sent me a cute text (cute because you know it took her a while to get it done) welcoming me to the family. I then ordered a blue moon and fried pickles and forgot to eat them while everyone else got burgers and fish. It was really just perfect. So the rest of the winter break was spent trying to not overwhelm my FIANCE with wedding plans so he could enjoy his time home in peace. But all the while I was adjusting to the fact that I could really talk about my wedding plans to everyone and anyone who wanted to know. It was weird at first.... still is a little. But liberating at the same time. I have been secretly planning for so long.

The excitement didn't end there. after eating and seeing that the rain was freezing we decided to head home. I went to Jake's house to see his mom, but before we got there we managed to get into a fender-bender with his sister in his mom's new car... so $5000 total worth of damage later, we got to his house to tell his mom all the details.

Now in retrospect about 80% of our time was spent with his family this break... this includes time spent with just the boys and other friends (it doesn't help that Jake's twin brother and his fiance are our closest friends) but my family got a little bit of the short end.

To sum up events of after Christmas. we went snowboarding (meaning the girls went tubing and the boys snowboarded). My big sis and Jake's sister got into a fight that may make the next few years uncomfortable depending on the possibility of a grudge. We had a tame new years with friends and I had to say goodbye once again to the love of my life. Then I preceded to attend a bridal show.

I still haven't thought of my resolutions. I am planning a wedding, I'm starting a show January 20th, I'm in school this quarter. I'm in another wedding.... anything else?

OH and I love my life!